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Axanar Feature Film – Vulcan Scene

Richard Hatch

Klingon Supreme Commander Kharn

Gary Graham

Vulcan Ambassador Soval

J.G. Hertzler

Captain Samuel Travis

Kate Vernon

Captain Sonya Alexander

Tony Todd

Admiral Marcus Ramirez

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Captain Kelvar Garth

Axanar Video Update – March 2021

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When is Axanar coming out? Plus news on the Axanar Audio Drama!  

Axanar Audio Drama Begins!

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James Lew records "Commander Tanaka's" lines Work on the Axanar Audio Drama has begun! Last…

Axanar Audio Drama in the Works!

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The FULL LENGTH Axanar Script as an Audio Drama is coming this summer! Because Axanar…

Axanar Year in Review – 2020

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2020 was not a great year in general.  The Covid-19 pandemic has changed so much…

New Axanar Patches!

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Two New Axanar Patches are now available! The latest two Axanar patches are out now…

Ares Studios Patreon Exclusive Zoom Meet Up!

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Are you a Patreon donor to Ares Studios?  If so, please come join us for…

Kharn’s Klingon D-6 Posters on Kickstarter!

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Kharn's D-6 posters! Live on Kickstarter! You get 4 posters, plus TWO great stretch goals!…

Axanar Dog Rescue Fundraiser (and free swag!)

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Help a Friend in Need! Today we are raising money to get a dog rescue…

Perk Fulfillment Update – Jan. 2021

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SHIPPING THIS COMING MONTH: We started shipping perks from the 2014 Axanar Kickstarter and the…

T-Shirt Perk Shipping!

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Claim your T-Shirt donor perk! This is for ALL donors who donated $125 in the…

Perk Fulfillment Update – Dec. 2020

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  2019-2020 Donors - Your perks are here! We have sent emails to ALL donors…

Perk Fulfillment Update – Nov. 2020

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We started shipping perks from the 2014 Axanar Kickstarter and the 2015 Axanar Indiegogo campaign…

Fan Film Friday – TIMES ARE CHANGING (an interview with THE GERMAN SPOCK)

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A couple of months ago, shortly before Christmas, JENS DOMBEK (known to the world as…

Fan Film Friday – JERRY WILLIAMS discusses “The Tombstone” from STARSHIP WEBSTER

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Even though POTEMKIN PICTURES has been around for over a decade now, the folks in their STARSHIP WEBSTER Creative…

Fan Film Friday – The history of STARSHIP VALIANT, Part 4

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In Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, we watched how the fan series STARSHIP VALIANT grew from the…

Fan Film Monday – Star Czech fan film SQUADRON (complete with Zoom video interview)

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When you think Star Trek, you probably don’t immediately think of the Czech Republic in central…