The Characters


Kelvar Garth (Garth of Izar)

Captain, USS Ares
Starfleet’s most successful explorer reluctantly thrust into the role of Starfleet’s greatest commander during the war.

Kenji Tanaka

First Officer
Analytical, precise, the warrior-priest.  The Yin to Tactical Officer Wagner’s Yang.  Garth’s best friend and closest advisor. He has served with Garth for 12 years and has seen him evolve from legendary explorer to brilliant military commander.

Tara Wagner

Tactical Officer
Garth’s Tactical Officer.  Smart, young and fiery.  A woman of action who has not yet been seasoned by experience. Brilliant tactician, but sometimes lack’s the strategic thinking of Tanaka.

Lt. Corax

Intelligence Officer
An Antosian and thus a shape shifter.  This is a very closely guarded secret in Starfleet and even most of Garth’s officers don’t know.

Commander Alexei Leonov

Chief Engineer
Let’s be clear, it’s his ship.  Just ask him.

Commander Carter

Commander of the Starfleet Marines stationed on the Ares
No red shirts here.  Good guys wear black.

Lt. Deville

Tough as nails.  A prodigy hand picked by Garth from Starfleet’s best.

Lt. Caine

Communications Officer
It’s war time, so Comm officers are cryptologists as well.

Lt. Hyree

Strategic Operations Officer
Coordinating the fleet based on Garth’s orders is his responsibility.


Admiral Threll

Fleet Admiral
The most senior Admiral in Starfleet.  An Andorian and a veteran commander who knows what it takes to win.

Captain Robert April

Captain of the USS Enterprise during its shakedown
One of Starfleet’s most respected officers.  A close friend of Garth’s.


Vulcan Ambassador to the Federation
Vulcan’s most senior diplomat.  A friend of Earth since before the founding of the Federation.


Deputy Ambassador
Soval’s aide.  Soval has been grooming Sarek to take over for him as Federation Ambassador.