Donor FAQ

Below you will find a growing list of answers to some of the many questions that we’re routinely asked.


1)    The best way to stay up to date with Axanar is by visiting on a regular basis.

2)    All donors should be receiving our donor email newsletter.  If you are not, you may subscribe to the donor email list by signing up here.

3)    All donors need to go through Axanar Donors, our donor management system, which is also how we deliver digital perks, keep donor information such as your current address and which allows you to track your perks.   This is where you can update your shipping address as well.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Axanar Donors” in the nav bar. (Or you can go directly to
  3. Click on “I am a previous donor” there in the middle.
  4. Update your info.

4)    If you have any donor questions, you can email Alec directly at

5)    Axanar Kickstarter & Indiegogo –  Available perks for the Axanar Kickstarter& Indiegogo fundraisers have been shipped to those who went through the Axanar Donors site.  If you did not receive released perks, then:

  1. Go through Axanar Donors and ensure your information is up to date.
  2. Check the latest Perk Fulfillment Update (on the Axanar Fulfillment Blog) so you know what has been delivered, and what you may have missed.
  3. Email Alec at with what you are missing.

All other perks will be shipped when they are available, which generally means after we release Axanar in Summer 2023.

Please understand that while donors did not pay for the over $1 million in legal fees that we received for free from Winston & Strawn, the lawsuit by CBS/Paramount cost donors approximately $500,000 in studio costs and lost time.  It delayed production, as we couldn’t proceed during the lawsuit and in 2017 we had to move our sets to a new studio across the country.  And while Alec has invested over $200,000 himself, no one is getting paid to work on Axanar and that means we have to work on Axanar around our full time jobs.  So please be patient. This is a massive undertaking.

General Questions

Donor FAQ

Q:  Will there be another funding campaign to support the production of AXANAR?

A:   Yes, but the campaign will be run privately through our Axanar donors list.

Q:  Okay, so how can I help? I really wanna see the story of AXANAR!

A:   To become a donor you need to be receiving our email newsletter.  If you are not, please sign up for our newsletter

Q:  How do I know what’s happening with the project?

A:  All supporters of Axanar who made donations should have multiple points of contact with the project:

  1. You should be on our email list to receive the donor newsletter and updates;
  2. We post updates on the Axanar website, via the Axanar Blog, which has all production updates, via our popular “Captain’s Log” (for all sorts of news) and “Fulfillment Blog” (for news specifically relating to the delivery of various “rewards” available to donors as thanks for their monetary support).
  3. Watch our YouTube channel!

Q:  Where can I keep track of my donation(s), and make sure you have my current shipping address and contact info?

A:  You can track your donations and update your address at the Axanar Donors site.

Note that anyone who has made a monetary donation to the project should have an account there, ready and waiting. (If not, or if you encounter any issues accessing your account, changing your address, etc., please send an email to so that we can help!)