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Help Axanar Animal Rescue!

By November 16, 2023 Captain's Log

23 cats and kittens need your help! (and one lovable dog too!)

These 4 kitties are awaiting homes!

We have been working on saving cats for over a year now, and have grown into a full-blown cat rescue! We now have 5 volunteers who foster, bottle-feed and TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release). We have a relationship with PetSense, where we adopt out cats and kittens and we just signed up our first sister-rescue who we will be expanding our reach with!
But we spend a TON on this and we need your help! PLEASE consider a donation. And just email Alec for a free ARES Rescue patch when you donate.Just donate here:

https://gofund.me/19d4cb65And then email Alec with your address at alec@axanar.com and he will send you the ARES rescue patch or any patch you want for free.

Also, please FOLLOW Our Facebook page!



Lt. Mews is doing well after a shakey start!

Yuki & Toma have been adopted!

Mama KitCat needs a home! She is very shy but loves head rubs and is stunning!

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