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Improving Perk Fulfillment Shipping

Today I am at ShipStation University in Atlanta. This is a one day conference I was invited to by ShipStation, which is the shipping software I  use to mange perk fulfillment and Ares Studios Store sales.  I discovered this software when doing the Trekcetera Auction as part of my Propworx business in 2019, and I couldn’t manage the business without it.

What is great is that ShipStation is so ubiquitous that everyone has a ShipStation integration now (over 300). So whether selling on eBay or on the Ares Studios Store or any other marketplace, we get to drive everything through ShipStation which prints packing slips and shipping labels and keeps track of everything.  We also get to use different shipping companies like USPS, UPS, Fed Ex or DHL.  Plus now there is a slightly less expensive solution called Global Post that handles many items that would usually go USPS, which keeps getting more expensive.

The whole idea today is to learn ways to be more efficient as we progress our business forward and make sure we can deleiver all the perks next year when Axanar is released!

And of course, if you ever have an issue, please email me at alec at ares studios dot net and I will endeavor to solve your issue!




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