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CBS Conspires with Convicted Stalker to Attack Axanar Filmmaker

There is a hate group on Facebook called “Axamonitor”, whose members have been harassing, bullying and Stalking, Alec Peters his fiance Crysstal Hubbard and anyone involved with Axanar for 8 years.  This group has been working with CBS, specifically Star Trek Brand Development VP John Van Citters (On LinkedIn here), Mallory Levitt, the SVP, Associate General Counsel Intellectual Property of Paramount (on LinkedIn here) and David Grossman, the outside counsel at Loeb & Loeb (on LinkedIn here) since the 2015-2017  lawsuit against Alec and Axanar.  Axamonitor members have been actively working to supply information to CBS and Loeb & Loeb Even after the lawsuit was settled.  CBS, specifically David Grossman, has been working with and encouraging O’Halloran and the members of the hate group, even when faced with proof of the groups illegal Harassing and Stalking activities.

What’s notable is that CBS knows that Shawn O’Halloran, one of the leaders at Axamonitor, assaulted Alec Peters in September 2021, and subsequently was found guilty of Stalking and issued a Protective Order against him to stay away from Peters. But despite this, David Grossman has continued to conspire with O’Halloran, which the convicted stalker has bragged about on the hate group.


Justin Burton Admitting to feeding Information to CBS in a post by Shawn O'halloran

As you can see from the Highlighted text in the above screenshot, Justin Burton even admits “helping the watchful eye”(CBS). This is more proof of a working relationship between CBS/Paramount and individuals who have gone so far as to wish for Alec to be “unalived” (No Jessica Odell, that did not escape our “watchful eye”)

If any of the Axanar Supporters think the Axamonitor crowd will ever stop Stalking and Harassing Alec, Crysstal and anyone else who is friends with Alec, I give you this little “gem” of a comment by Daniel Stone.

The members of this hate group are truly pathological, and have issued death threats against Alec and Crysstal on multiple occasions. With CBS knowing this they continue to encourage these stalkers and David Grossman continues to pursue Alec and Axanar like Captain Ahab pursuing the White Whale.

There is ample evidence that Grossman even lied under oath during the Arbitration last year, claiming he didn’t give Paul Jenkins permission to file a fraudulent copyright, despite specific evidence by Jenkins himself that he did exactly that.  Doing so was a clear violation of the CBS/Paramount & Axanar Settlement Agreement.

We can only hope that the new management at Paramount Global makes changes to stop this assault on Star Trek’s biggest fans and the massive waste of corporate resources that has totaled over $2M in Loeb & Loeb legal fees since 2015.

Jon Tessler

Update – Since originally publishing this post, I have received another screenshot. This screenshot shows that Blogger Matt Miller who resides in Australia, has had the ability to contact CBS Television City since 2019. He considers his ability to contact them to be “his hobby”

Now to this Part Time Reporter, I would say having a hobby that involves attempting to harass and destroy various individuals, solely because of who they are, and to ban fan film makers from you “version” of “fan film awards” because they have worked with or are friends with Alec Peters, doesn’t make you a “journalist”, it make you nothing more than a “blogger with an agenda”.

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  • Juan says:

    I honestly cannot believe those people have nothing else more productive, creative and beneficial to do with their lives… It’s just shocking! Why have they decided to engage into a sort of personal vendetta against Axanar and everybody behind the project? Even after the lawsuit was settled? If those posts are just a tiny glimpse of what these individuals are able to do (including death threats?), it is not only plain criminal, but a sign of the madness going on in the world nowadays.
    I sincerely wish the very best to the whole Axanar team, hoping they can find the strenght and means to carry on, be safe and do what they excel at doing. Fans will always be with you guys!

    • Alec Peters says:

      THANK YOU!

      • Juan says:

        You’re very, very welcome Alec! It is us who need to thank you for the incredible inner strenght, tenacity and courage you have demonstrated to possess during all these years of hate and harassment. We, the fans, will always respect how much care and love has been put into Axanar and how hard you have been working to pull this incredibly challenging project off… Thank you so much for not just giving us one of the most professional fan films we’ve ever had, but also for being a living example of the best values that Star Trek has always had at its very core. Qapla’!

    • It is terrible that this is allowed to continue, and that CBS is encouraging and supporting this harassment. Of course they are scared that your work is considered more “Star Trek” than anything they have ever produced.

  • John bird says:

    Is this the 21st century?
    Have I just woken up in some medieval nightmare?
    How are these people walking free, what on earth do they stand to gain?
    I fully support the Axanar team, they are telling a story that is a part of the star trek storyline that some, if not many, of us would love to see.
    There is a saying in the UK that I will use most of
    “Grow the **** up, children!”

  • Brian L says:

    Cue the twisted panties responses at Axamonitor

  • Anthony says:

    Scary stuff. Stay safe.

  • Star Trek Appreciation Society says:

    It’s very SAD. Star Wars/FOX/Disney doesn’t treat their fans like this they embrace fam-films. It makes the product STRONGER! 🤔

    • Aaron says:

      Good lord, are we considering the idea of Star Trek under the Mouse?? My corporate mega-opoly spidey-senses are going off on one hand… but on the other hand…

  • Mark Heber says:

    I can’t believe this crap is still going on. I sent Axanar money through both Kickstarter and Indiegogo because Axanar was a movie I wanted to see. That hasn’t changed. I wish Axamonitor would just go away.

    • Brian L says:

      Probably not as much as they wish Axanar would go away. That’s why it sucks to be them.

  • MJT says:

    Were they fans of Vince Mignona who felt Axanar blew up “Star Trek Continues” when Paramount went back on its word and changed the fan films rules? Some kind of Christian cabal? I thought it was a group of pissed-off gay Mignona fans until Vince’s anime scandal and Michele Speight’s accusations came out. Will Alec be at DragonCon this year and do they have O’Halloran on their Do Not Admit list?

  • Jim Setzer says:

    The settlement is just that. The matter should be “settled” so long as each party keeps to that agreement. As far as I can see, as an outsider, Alec and Axanar have kept to the terms in both letter and spirit of the document. I am so sorry that these distractions continue which consume resources (time, energy, money) in order to continue to fight. The immeasurable emotional toll must be enormous. Thank you Alec and the entire Axanar team for not giving up on this huge dream. You all rock!

  • John Williams says:

    Shame on CBS/Paramount for continuing to associate themselves with a CONVICTED STALKER who wants nothing more than see AP and his fiancée dead. I’ve been a huge ST fave since 1975 when I was 5 years old and I an ASHAMED of these companies and peoples for doing this to FANS of Star Trek. There are plenty of shows on CBS and Paramount+ that I like but I believe that a call of boycotting them is in order

  • Darl Sabraw says:

    This is just bizarre. I cannot fathom a rational motive for a private citizen to go to such lengths to try to destroy a fan film and those involved with its production. The only explanations available are that either this person isn’t rational or he’s not acting as a private citizen.

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