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CBS/Paramount Violate Axanar Settlement Agreement

Axanar Legal Watch Wallpaper

CBS/Paramount through their lawyers, specifically David Grossman at the firm Loeb & Loeb, violated the Axanar Settlement Agreement last week by filing a take down notice of The Icarus Maneuver, Mark Edward Lewis’s Star Trek fan film.

David Grossman in a convoluted rant, claimed that not only was I, Alec Peters, the producer (an objectively incorrect statement) but Grossman ignored the plain text of the Settlement Agreement and violated the agreement by both filing a copyright claim on YouTube and doing so without the Section 10 requirement of Notice and a ten day cure period.

While Mark’s film did have two minor violations of the Fan Film Guidelines (Mark needed to add “A Star Trek Fan Production” on the title page and he needed to remove a copyright notice at the end), Grossman wildly exclaimed “There is no Axanar Universe!” which tells you EXACTLY why they are so upset about Axanar and anyone who creates an Axanar fan film.  Ironically, Grossman never said a word when Interlude, the Jonathan Lane Axanar fan film was released in 2020.

Everyone at Axanar is looking forward to new ownership at CBS/Paramount as Skydance is expected to purchase a controlling interest in Paaramount Global.  We hope the new management will clean house and chart a new course for the Star Trek franchise, by respecting fans like Lucasfilm does.

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