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Jenkins Loses Again in Court: 0-6 in Motions.

By January 20, 2024 Axanar Legal Watch

The Latest news from the lawsuit against Paul Jenkins for copyright fraud.

Paul Jenkins has proven to be a vexatious litigator, using the Courts in a vain attempt to generate content for his failed documentary about Alec Peters.  His lawyers have gone out of their way to file frivolous motions and bogus counter claims. So much so that Alec’s lawyers believe they will be able to collect their legal fees from Jenkins after they win in court.

Well, the latest frivolous motion was submitted last month by Jenkins current lawyer, Elie Wolfe, who has made a habit of filing frivolous and vexatious motions. Wolfe’s latest fiasco was a 220 page brief, that basically lied about what has happened in the case so far and demanding sanctions against Alec Peters. The problem was, no issue exists and the proper person to address any issues with was the Special Master who was appointed to resolve Jenkins ridiculous arguments in discovery. A Special Master is usually a former judge who takes issues that can be resolved outside of the Judge’s purview. Wolfe should have scheduled a meeting with the Special Master, but instead wasted everyone’s time and was slapped down by the Judge, who seems to be getting tired of Wolfe’s ridiculous motions.

Elie Wolfe, Jenkins attorney has a habit of filing frivolous motions and charging Paul tens of thousands of dollars for them.  Paul then whines about how evil Alec is to be suing him, when it is all Paul’s fault in the first place. So let’s see the scoreboard:

Jenkins attorney’s motion / brief  –  220 pages

Peters’ attorney’s reply  –  3 pages

Judge’s decision – One Sentence

Jenkins has wasted tens of thousands of dollars on frivolous motions which he is now 0-6 on.

Paul Jenkins is using the court system to get retribution against Alec Peters who fired him for unprofessional behavior.  Ultimately, the footage Paul shot in 2019 proved that Paul was incompetent as well, as did the loss of footage from three actors that Paul and his Meta Studios producer buddy, Scott Conley, tried to cover up, blaming current Axanar DP Geoff Fagien for their screw-up.

Paul has no money yet keeps fighting a lawsuit he will lose.  His former attorneys Thomas Horstemeyer are suing Paul for $306,000 in unpaid legal fees.  And his current attorney keeps wasting Paul’s money on frivolous motions that he keeps losing. At some point, his lawyer will quit because he isn’t getting paid.  He certainly can’t afford to go to trial with no way to get paid.

Stay tuned as we follow the copyright fraud lawsuit against Paul Jenkins and Meta Studios for defrauding Axanar donors.

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  • Kenny Smith says:

    Peter I love to be updated with the issues other are trying to do with your project I like you what you are doing, I do wish you can help me with my project and I do think you will like it but I like to get your phone number so I can tell you about it, I do wish we star trek clubs fans can stay on your side of what you are doing, CBS Network can’t stop the fans. My real name is Kenneth Smith and I am a Vietnam veteran

  • Ken Feldman says:

    Good fot y’all in standing up to this jerk and not giving in

  • I am a life long Star Trek follower. I think the big network studio is behind him trying to block Axanar from happening … I haven’t watched their crap and latest versions for more than 10 minutes ever and never will ….

  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Was there any doubt of the outcome? I think not. Congrats.

  • William Osmond says:

    This is a good omen, l long to see the day Axanar will be completed.

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