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Axanar Feature Film – Vulcan Scene

Richard Hatch

Klingon Supreme Commander Kharn

Gary Graham

Vulcan Ambassador Soval

J.G. Hertzler

Captain Samuel Travis

Kate Vernon

Captain Sonya Alexander

Tony Todd

Admiral Marcus Ramirez

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Captain Kelvar Garth

Axanar Video Update # 11 – Axanar in Production!

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  The final video update for 2019 finds Axanar in the middle of shooting!  With…

Ares Studios Acquires TOS sets!

| Ares Studios, Axanar News, Axanar Production Notes | One Comment
Ares Studios, the sister company to Axanar Productions, which runs the sound stage in Lawrenceville,…

Axanar Second Shoot a Success!

| Axanar News, Axanar Production Notes | 2 Comments
This past weekend we held our second Axanar shoot on Saturday, Dec. 7th.  The shoot…

Axacon 2019 on YouTube!

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Axacon 2019 was a huge success and you can watch it on the Axanar YouTube…

Starfleet ‘s New Commander Needs our Help!

| Captain's Log | 2 Comments
Starfleet - Star Trek's Premier Fan Group Axanar has had a relationship with Starfleet International,…

Captain’s Chair Gets an Upgrade!

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As some of you probably already know, Dana Wagner and Dale Simpson installed display panels…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Everyone here at Axanar wants to wish you all a very happy holiday season!  Whatever…

AXANAR fans’ generosity helps one of our own…

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Mark Payton is a good man.  He's an army veteran currently living in Rochester, NY…

Perk Fullfillment – Ultimate Patch Collection

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We are finally ready to fulfill the perks for the Axanar 2015 Indiegogo Campaign for…

Industry Studios (Now Ares Studios) Indiegogo Perk Update!

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Were you a donor to the Industry Studios Indiegogo Campaign? Well, if so, this is…

The Patch Codex

| Axanar News, Donors, Fundraising & Fulfillment | 6 Comments
Here is a run-down of all the patches available from Axanar Fundraisers for the past…

Did you get your Indiegogo Patches?

| Donors, Fundraising & Fulfillment | 4 Comments
Patches to all Indigogo donors were shipped two weeks ago!  If you did not get…

Fan Film Friday – surprising new actor joins the cast of CONVERGENCE (audio interview with SAMUEL COCKINGS)

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If you think of fan films without visual effects as being like plain chocolate bars,…

Fan Film Friday – three Trek fan filmmakers win big at 2019 IndieBOOM!

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The winners of the third annual IndieBOOM! film festival awards have just been announced, and three Star Trek fan…

Fan Film Friday -“THE EQUINOX EFFECT” (audio interview with KELLY & DAN REYNOLDS and GLEN WOLFE)

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Back in 2014, the sky seemed to be the limit for Star Trek fan films! Productions…

Fan Film Friday – VOTE NOW and help a Star Trek fan filmmaker win $500 cash in IndieBOOM!

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Christmas is over, New Years is still a few days away, and you’ve got some…