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Shawn O’Halloran Found Guilty of Stalking Alec Peters

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Last week, on October 5th, 2021, a Georgia Superior Court judge found Shawn O'Halloran had…

Production Update – Director Meeting

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Rob Pralgo, Alec Peters, Ted Brunetti Last Wednesday, Axanar's new director, Ted Brunetti, was visiting…

Production Update – Studio Tech Scout

| Axanar News | 3 Comments
This past Thursday I ran over to Gwinett High School, where Dana Wagner's wife teaches…

Production Update – November 20-21 Shoot Date Set!

| Axanar News, Axanar Production Notes | 8 Comments
Team Axanar has set the date of the November Film Shoot as November 20-21.  This…

Ares Studios News – Axanar, Avalon and more…

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With the upcoming November Axanar re-shoots happening at a local High School here in Walton…

Axanar Dog Rescue Saves Mom and 8 Puppies!

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On Tuesday, July 27th, I went to drop off food with a person I know…

Trek Fan Film Track at Las Vegas Con!

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IT HAS BEGUN! Axanar is at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention and our booth…

Admiral Slater (Steve Jepson) to appear in Las Vegas!

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      We are very happy to announce that Axanar's own Admiral Slater, Steve…

Perk Fulfillment Update – Jan. 2021

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SHIPPING THIS COMING MONTH: We started shipping perks from the 2014 Axanar Kickstarter and the…

T-Shirt Perk Shipping!

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Claim your T-Shirt donor perk! This is for ALL donors who donated $125 in the…

Perk Fulfillment Update – Dec. 2020

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  2019-2020 Donors - Your perks are here! We have sent emails to ALL donors…

Perk Fulfillment Update – Nov. 2020

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We started shipping perks from the 2014 Axanar Kickstarter and the 2015 Axanar Indiegogo campaign…

Fan Film Monday – Tragedy strikes JOHN ATKIN of YORKTOWN: A TIME TO HEAL

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JOHN ATKIN has just lost the love of his life and the mother of his…

Fan Film Friday – Starship Deimos: “LEVIATHAN” (interview with RANDY LANDERS)

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The STARSHIP DEIMOS has been flying around the fan film sector for more than five and a…

Fan Film Friday – THE FEDERATION FILES: “Mask” (interview with GLEN WOLFE)

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I want you to imagine something. You and your best friend have built a bunch…

Fan Film Wednesday – “STAR TREK IS REAL” (video interview with PIXI NEREID of Avalon Universe)

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Finally! I get a chance to interview PIXI NEREID and share it with all of…