Prelude to Axanar – Full Film

Axanar Feature Film – Vulcan Scene

Richard Hatch

Klingon Supreme Commander Kharn

Gary Graham

Vulcan Ambassador Soval

J.G. Hertzler

Captain Samuel Travis

Kate Vernon

Captain Sonya Alexander

Tony Todd

Admiral Marcus Ramirez

Alec Peters

Captain Kelvar Garth

OWC Computing Sponsors Axanar!

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 Other World Computing Sponsors Axanar Axanar has had a long history with Other World Computing,…

Axanar L.A. Shoot Casting has Begun!

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Casting has begun, and Alec is working away, contacting actors who have not been part…

Axanar VFX Planning Begins

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This month, Mark Edward Lewis and I started planning the VFX that will go into…

Why Axanar sued Paul Jenkins of Meta X Studios for Copyright Fraud and Defamation

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While we try and keep everyone updated on the production of the next two episodes…

How to Manage your Axanar / Ares Studios emails!

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Here at Axanar and Ares Studios, we use Mad Mimi, a powerful email list management…

Axanar Fan Fiction Contest!

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We have been talking for a while about an Axanar Short Story Contest. And so…

Axanar Rescues 6 Kittens!

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Last year Team Axanar took in 4 cats that were part of an unwanted litter,…

Axanar Celebrates Pride Month with a Worthy Cause!

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The new Star Trek shows get a lot of criticism for being too "woke".  What…

Perk Fulfillment Update – July, 2022

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PERK SHIPPING: We started shipping perks from the 2014 Axanar Kickstarter and the 2015 Axanar…

Perk Fulfillment Update – Jan. 2021

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SHIPPING THIS COMING MONTH: We started shipping perks from the 2014 Axanar Kickstarter and the…

T-Shirt Perk Shipping!

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Claim your T-Shirt donor perk! This is for ALL donors who donated $125 in the…

Perk Fulfillment Update – Dec. 2020

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  2019-2020 Donors - Your perks are here! We have sent emails to ALL donors…

Fan Film Sunday – PROJECT RUNABOUT shoots on the U.S.S. YORKTOWN aircraft carrier (video interview with GARY DAVIS and RANDY WRENN)

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(Sorry for the two-day delay in posting Fan Film Friday.  Last week, I sneezed my…

Fan Film Friday – Avalon Universe releases THE NEEDS OF THE ONE (part 1: video interview with ALEXANDRA REXFORD)

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THE AVALON UNIVERSE first emerged onto the Star Trek fan film scene back in 2018 with the release…

Fan Film Friday – COMMANDERS OF STARFLEET shows us the Star Trek of 1936 (interview with JEFF NORD)

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One of the reasons that I love Star Trek fan films so much is because there are…

Fan Film Friday – STARSHIP CALIBORN, the newest launch from Potemkin Pictures (interview with BILLY SWANSON)

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POTEMKIN PICTURES has been a fan film “nursery” ever since 2015 when it launched a second…