Prelude to Axanar – Full Film

Axanar Feature Film – Vulcan Scene

Richard Hatch

Klingon Supreme Commander Kharn

Gary Graham

Vulcan Ambassador Soval

J.G. Hertzler

Captain Samuel Travis

Kate Vernon

Captain Sonya Alexander

Tony Todd

Admiral Marcus Ramirez

Alec Peters

Captain Kelvar Garth

Axanar Completes Second Film Shoot!

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Article by Jonathan Lane.  Photos by Brian Bates. Back in November of 2021, the first…

Axanar Shoot # 2 a HUGE Success!

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Article by Alec Peters, photos by Brian Bates Axanar had it's second of three planned…

Axanar Video Update – December 2022

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  Please watch our December production video Update!

Production Update – Axanar Shoots in January!

| Ares Studios, Axanar News, Axanar Production Notes | 7 Comments
The second of the three Axanar shoots is set for Atlanta in January! Team Axanar…

Axanart Haters get Banned from Trekkers Against Bullying

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The pathological bullies at the Axanar Hate group seemed particularly upset recently when Axanar promoted…

Audio Drama Records Four More Characters!

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Dana records Haley Leary as Lt. Wagner! This past week's Axanar Film Shoot also meant…

Axanar Animal Rescue saves puppies and cats for Xmas!

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Christmas time was a busy time for Axanar. Not only were we preparing for a…

The First Duty is to the Truth

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The First Duty of Starfleet is to the truth - Addressing the Lies of Robert…

Improving Perk Fulfillment Shipping

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Today I am at ShipStation University in Atlanta. This is a one day conference I…

How to Manage your Axanar / Ares Studios emails!

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Here at Axanar and Ares Studios, we use Mad Mimi, a powerful email list management…

Perk Fulfillment Update – July, 2022

| Donors, Fundraising & Fulfillment | 22 Comments
PERK SHIPPING: We started shipping perks from the 2014 Axanar Kickstarter and the 2015 Axanar…

Perk Fulfillment Update – Jan. 2021

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SHIPPING THIS COMING MONTH: We started shipping perks from the 2014 Axanar Kickstarter and the…

Fan Film Factor – From TNG to XXX, how a Star Trek PORN FLICK became an awesome NEXT GEN fan film

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WARNING – THIS BLOG IS RAUNCHY! (But no nudity!) Let’s talk about porn. (I knew…

Fan Film Friday – JOSHUA IRWIN thanks his AVALON UNIVERSE team

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Did you ever wonder why we use the term “PAYING a compliment”? After all, compliments…

Fan Film Friday – The parody music video hilarity of STAR REKT (video interview with IAN RAMSEY)

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I first discovered STAR REKT back in 2021 when someone posted to Facebook a link to a Star…

Fan Film Friday – DREADNOUGHT DOMINION parodies the parody “AIRPLANE!”

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Back in 1980, Paramount Pictures released a farcical feature film called Airplane! (exclamation point included). Many thought…