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Captain’s Log – February 18th, 2018

By February 21, 2018 Captain's Log

Sunday, February 18th, 2018

In addition to being in pre-production on Episodes IV and V of The Four Years War, we are working on finishing the bridge set.  As I talked about in my previous Captain’s Log, we have three things left to do.

  •  Install all the electronics and view screens.
  •  Install carpeting.
  •  Create and install control panels.

And while Curtis Short is in charge of the electronics, Alexander Richardson (who we interviewed on our blog here) is in charge of the control panels.  He is designing every single station so that they actually look real if you sit and look at them!

Here is one of his first test stations:

Alexander is our chief graphic artist for the bridge and does everything screen-related.

Alexander will tackle the four odd-shaped monitors next!

Alexander did the bridge schematic next to the Turbo-lift!

Thanks to Alexander for all is hard work!


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  • Ernest Nichols says:

    I’m sure you’ve already assigned ideas to each of the 4 odd shaped panels. If one of them is near the engineering station, it seems to me that would be a good place for a real time monitor of plasma flow for either the warp or impulse drives. That way the bridge can see what they’re seeing in engineering. You know, something showing flow from right to left and varies as output changes. It could be very cool looking even in the background and spectacular in a close up. Maybe it could also have containment status warnings & percentages. Anyway , the idea popped in my head and thought it might help. Have a good evening!

  • Stephen Cole says:

    Any idea what the dimensions are for those odd shapes? I wonder if an ultra-wide monitor would fit? They’re typically 32″-34″ wide and 12″-14″ inches tall for a 34″ ultra-wide.

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