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Captain’s Log – October 19th, 2018

By October 20, 2018 Captain's Log

Friday, October 19th, 2018

Today the new Admiral’s tunic from Claude Doziere and Angela Avino arrived (along with Admiral Travis’ costume which was used as a model).  This is Admiral Slater’s costume and will be worn by Steve Jepson (You can read our interview with Steve here).  Now in Prelude to Axanar, we only see a photo of Admiral Slater.  And as many of you know, Steve Jepson was wearing Tony Todd’s admiral’s costume in that photo, and he had to have it pinned in the back it was so big!

And the new Admiral tunic from Claude and Angela:

I just took it out of the box from Italy so I apologize for the wrinkles.  But Angela literally pulled apart Admiral Ramirez’s costume to make sure this one was perfect.  Unfortunately, when our former director took Ramirez’s costume to the dry cleaners, he didn’t tell them to be careful and the white was discolored by the leather.  Angela is going to try and restore that costume by replacing the sections that were discolored.

Claude and Angela got Steve Jepson’s measurements, so this costume is custom made for him. The rank trim still needs to be applied, and Steve will get a fitting to make sure it is perfect,

I am looking forward to having Steve wear it at Axacon for some photos and then in one of the next two episodes of Axanar!



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