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Captain’s Log – Jan. 20th, 2017 – CBS Lawsuit Settles!

By January 20, 2017 Captain's Log

Friday, January 20th, 2017

OK, first, if you haven’t read the statement, go read it here:

Lawsuit Settlement Announced!

Now that you have dissected that, what does it mean?  Well, first and foremost, we get to make Axanar, though in an abbreviated form. The original script we were set to shoot was about 100 pages.  In Hollywood that means about 100 minutes.  Well, now we only get 30 minutes.  So we have to cut it down.

What form will that take?  Well, we are going to have a big planning meeting with our core team in the next two weeks where we discuss everything, and come up with a plan.  It is possible the two 15 minute episodes will be two more episode of The Four Years War documentary, as that is a great story telling format, which we have prove ourselves able to execute.

We also are awaiting the report of the Independent Financial review Committee so we can send all donors the financials with where every dollar of donor money went.

So expect to start getting more info in the coming weeks.

And I for one am now not under the threat of a lawsuit and financial ruin for the first time in 13 months.  So between that and us now being able to make Axanar, we have been celebrating a bit today.  So tonight it was Pizza!

And yeah, we had some fun with our favorite pizza place, Mod Pizza.


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  • Cavaron says:

    So happy for you! Must have been a lot of pressure.
    “…two more episode of The Four Years War documentary…” – that sounds not too bad! Preferably in a way that the 3 episodes could be combined. I would focus on the actors, other stand alone fan films could be about the different battles of this war in all their detail.

  • Chris Gibson says:

    I am so relieved and excited for you Alec! if “donations” are acceptable, and I think I read somewhere they are, we certainly want to help when appropriate. You deserve the pizza celebration! Enjoy the glory of taking the next steps of continuing AXANAR!

  • Paul Griffin says:

    I am very pleased that at least the production of Axanar can be commenced now. Though I am not pleased with the time restrictions. Perhaps it could be revealed how many more of the ridiculous CBS guidelines have been forced upon you. It is interesting that this deal came along as Star Trek: Discovery seems to be coming apart at the seems. Here in Canada, “Discovery” will air on the “Space Channel” part of my bundle so a boycott is not possible for me. With Bryan Fuller leaving the series it harkened back to David Gerrold leaving TNG in the early days.

  • John Biancamano says:

    Well I’m happy it’s over, BUT 30 min., that just is not long enough! We have to come up with a way for you to make at lest (3) 15min. segments! Even that will feel like CBS is killing our ideas! I STILL LOVE YOU GUYS and WILL BE WITH YOU ALL TILL THE END!!!!

  • Ken Vickerson says:

    Congratulations to all of you! That pizza looks delish and well deserved. We look forward to the renewed production. I’m curious why Star Trek is not in the public domain? The 50th anniversary was in September. It’s complicated no doubt. We wish you the best for your future endeavours. Ken & Colleen

  • Marcase says:

    Congratulations !
    So glad this is over, and this is one for the books – you paved a solid road for other fan-film productions and for that we are very gratefull. So glad too that the threats of a personal lawsuit(s) are over, I imagine it must have been a stressfull year.

    Congratulations again, to you and the whole Axanar production team !

  • Reverend Arthur Lee Parks, III says:

    If Axanar can only be 30 minutes why wouldn’t it be 3 episodes of 30 minutes each so that the whole story could be told? There are many Star Trek fan films that are episodic. Why can’t Axanar? Just thinking and wondering.

  • Tartaruhga Muhtante says:

    This agreement was really the only alternative? There is no possibility of entering an appeal, petition, more funding or a lawsuit filed by fans to promote the realization of this movie or more threads or to reverse this decision? I live in Brazil and I was really rooting for the film. I regret really by cutting so deep beyond the limitations that will affect all other fan films.

  • James Marshall says:

    Really pleased Axanar is happening! Happy for you 🙂

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