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Why Paul Jenkins was Fired for Unprofessional Behavior

By January 12, 2024 January 20th, 2024 Axanar Legal Watch

The choice of Paul Jenkins as director of Axanar was a bad choice.  Despite his claims, it turns out Paul had almost no experience directing.  But as he always does, Paul talked a good game and convinced me that he knew what he was doing. The October 2019 film shoot proved he didn’t.  Besides two awful performances by our two stars, including an Emmy winner, because Paul didn’t know how to schedule and had the two 70+ year old actors hanging around the set all day before they were needed.  In addition, Paul and his “producer” Scott Conley, lost footage of three actors and then covered up the loss, blaming current Axanar DP Geoff Fagien.  Jenkins proved incompetent as well as untrustworthy.

After subsequently not doing the work needed including prepping VFX, Paul send an unhinged and disrespectful email to me on May 18,2020.  Clearly Paul not only has anger management issues, but he lied through his teeth in order to justify his continued failures as director.

I waited a month before replying.  Clearly Paul was clueless as to the fact that he was talking to his boss on Axanar. A professional would never talk to his boss that way, let alone someone he claimed was his friend.  After no further communication from Paul, and after crafting an email and having both Geoff and Crysstal review it, I sent this email which made it clear that his behavior and performance were unacceptable and he was being fired.

Paul is quite possibly the most evil person I have ever met.  Like any narcissist, he lies through his teeth, acts on his ego to enact retribution for those who he deems have wronged him, and is always a victim.  Paul stupidly filed a fraudulent copyright, and blames me for his stupidity.  Paul could have walked away from the project but instead he wanted to screw me and all the Axanar donors.

Now Paul Jenkins is being sued by his former lawyers for $306,000 in legal fees he didn’t have the money to afford. He could have walked away, but being a dick was more important to him.

Paul Jenkins has attacked every single donor and crew member that has ever been part of the Axanar project by filing the fraudulent copyright.  He has no respect for anyone but himself. And now, after realizing that his plan to make a documentary about me is just another one of his many failed money-making schemes, Paul is blaming me for his failures and trying to get fans to pay for his legal bills.

Paul will be found guilty of copyright fraud and lose in court.  He claims he has no money while sitting on a house worth $970,000 (He paid $470,000 so he has well over $500,000 in equity).  We aren’t interested in his money, we never have been.  We just want him to surrender the fraudulent copyright and go away.

Alec peters

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