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Why do fans keep supporting Axanar?

By July 10, 2015 January 10th, 2024 Captain's Log

Axanar’s latest round of crowdfunding is barely out of its veteran’s only stage, and it’s already well over halfway to its $250,000 target. But it was during that early stage that many Axanar fans donated for a second or even third time, helping the campaign reach over $100,000 in its first 24 hours.

We recently reached out to some of Axanar’s most vocal fans – and a few of its quiet stalwarts – to find out what keeps them coming back to this fan production…

“Axanar makes me feel an excitement about Star Trek that I haven’t felt in decades. I gobble up every piece of news I can get on Axanar (and thankfully, there’s no shortage!). I love the people involved. They’re fans like me, they’re dedicated, and they’re working hard. They take some risks when they have to, but overall they’re very careful in approaching this whole endeavor with eyes wide open, thoughtful planning, and an obvious professionalism. Alec and his team are decisive, not wishy-washy, and so things get done… and thus far, they’ve made all the right choices.

In short, I’m rooting for these guys… in a way I never rooted for JJ Abrams or even Rick Berman. And thanks to their amazing outreach to the fans, I really feel like I’m a part of this, and I want to be as much a part as I can be. That’s why I volunteer to help Diana stuff perk packages. That’s why I make the Admiral Ramirez memes for Facebook. That’s why I’m writing these fan blogs. So really, is an extra hundred bucks or so really that much when I’m already so invested in making this project a reality?”

Jonathan Lane

“I have been a fan of Star Trek since before I can remember. Like many of us it’s been there through the good and the bad times. As a franchise it entertains, inspires, excites and on occasion disappoints.

My interest in Axanar started as soon as I heard about it. I must have watched the trailer for prelude a hundred times and when it finally came out I have watched it countless times. It truly embodies everything that Star Trek represents for me and my family. It couldn’t have a better crew steering it to success and I am truly honoured that Alec trusted me to represent the production at Edinburgh Comic Con this year and I’m glad to be a part of the Axanar blogging experience.

This will be my real Star Trek 50th anniversary celebration and it is my pleasure to be a part of making that happen with my contribution.”

Craig McKenzie

“I ‘re-upped’ with the IndieGoGo campaign, after having come aboard with the Kickstarter (post “Prelude”), to make certain the Axanar was completed.

Why? Axanar, as I saw it through “Prelude” showed me Star Trek as I remember it as a kid with TOS. It hinted at a story that harkened back to TOS.

‘Back-filling’ if you will, the story of a character that was described by Kirk as a hero to him, someone he admired. Axanar just felt right! With its promise of a return of the Star Trek I grew up with; with the ideals that were the underpinning of TOS — with its vision of a future that has promise, and a story that can be used as a vehicle to provide a voice to today’s concerns, but still find a positive end (a morality play that isn’t dystopian at its core). To me Axanar looks and feels like Star Trek; the Star Trek originally conceived by Gene Roddenberry, and given flesh by the writers, actors, and directors of those episodes — and enjoyed by this Trekkie.”

Rick Newton




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  • Brian Heite says:

    Indeed, if you look at what JJ put out for SW at Comic Con (and it will be a good movie, no doubt), and compare it to what was done the Axanar crew with a little, teeny budget. I could not see a significant difference which tells me that Terry and Alec are incredibly good at shepherding their resources, and can stand toe to toe with the studio sized crowd. The Prelude stood up well against the studio sized stuff, and I am incredibly excited at what Axanar promises. I just hope we can get all the funding done, so Alec and Terry can get to work. All the cast and crew of Prelude should be incredibly proud of their awesome quality work!

  • Robert Riddle says:

    I’m a donor of both the last Kickstarter and the current IndieGoGo (twice) and I think most people don’t have any idea how long production times are for feature films. What is hard for me to believe is that Alex & Ares Productions is getting so much out of such a minuscule budget! So ignore the the people that only know what they don’t like and remember that there was only one perfect man and he got crucified. Keep up the good work Axanar folks!

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