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What Patches are Shipping?

By September 22, 2019 Captain's Log

The patches from the 2015 Indiegogo campaign are now shipping! Now, the patches in the 2014 Kickstarter were all shipped out in 2016.  If for any reason you didn’t get yours, please contact Alec at alec@axanarproductions.com

For the 2015 Indiegogo campaign, we are shipping four patches:

If you donated $ 35 or more you got the Fourth Fleet patch, which represented the Tellarite fleet.

If you donated $ 50 or more you also got the Sam and Sonya ship patches, the USS Ajax for Sonya Alexander, and the USS Hercules for Sam Travis.

ALL donors will be getting the Cygnus Campaign Veteran patch.  While originally this patch was only for donors who had also given in the Axanar Kickstarter, we decided to give it to all donors for your patience!


Thank you for your support!



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