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Updates, Changes, & What’s on the Horizon

By August 31, 2015 July 30th, 2016 Donors, Fundraising & Fulfillment

Big News! Timelines! Changes are Afoot!


(Log in to Ares Digital by going to http://digital.axanarproductions.com )

ARES DIGITAL is open for all AXANAR Kickstarter donors now… which means you MUST log in and finish setting up your accounts, folks!

Why is this so terribly important? Because until you’ve done so, you won’t be able to access all those nifty digital goodies for which you’re eligible (and seriously, you do NOT want to miss out on those!). Also, for anyone who donated at levels which will include physical perks, that’s the ONLY way you’ll be able to provide me with your shipping address… without which I won’t be able to eventually ship out any of those cool rewards! Finally, your account is where you’ll be able to make changes/corrections to your email address, which is how we keep in touch with you.

We’re in the process of adding all of the AXANAR Indiegogo donors, as well, but as this is a manual process, loading the info from thousands of donors into the system, be prepared for there to be possible small delays before your accounts are fully operational.


In other news, we have moved the DONORS-ONLY STORE into Ares Digital, so you will ONLY be able to access it by first logging into your Ares Digital account (then entering the password, which you will find once you’ve logged on).


(New location & look for the front door into the Donors-Only Store…)

We’ve made this change in order to create an additional level of privacy and safety, as the “store” is intended for the sole use of those who have already donated to the project. (As always, 100% of all monies taken in, after the cost of goods, goes directly back into funding the project.)


Fulfillment timelines… As most of you know, we’re still officially knee-deep in “con season”, so we’re currently on the road about half the time… spreading AXANAR excitement and fun wherever we go. 🙂 What that means for fulfillment is that shipping of rewards (PRELUDE to AXANAR Kickstarter donors, I’m talking to you, here!) and any store orders occurs in the little spaces between conventions (and any emails to me should only be sent on the MOST urgent of cases—think the equivalent of calling 911), as my computer—especially connected-to-working-internet—time is VERY limited during this period (and any time spent answering emails when I’m at the office, means times I’m not able to spend on shipping).


(Sadly, Ensign Boomer doesn’t really help with fulfillment or anything else I do… but he’s fabulous inspiration. :))

Finally–for all of you requesting a Boomer update–his cat sitter is standing by, ready to spend some quality time with The Official Cat of Axanar (who stays behind while his mommy goes off to represent AXANAR).

Until next time,

~Diana Kingsbury

Director of Fulfillment


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  • John Carr says:

    Thank you for these updates which are very much appreciated. And thank for all the hard work you are doing. Enjoy the time away at the conventions, which are, Im sure, much needed breaks.

  • Carl Rhodes says:

    Dear Diana,
    I can’t find the email I got for the Anaxar store. Please send me a new one. Also I love the Anaxar Digital site. It works very well, with no problem downloading my stuff from it at all. And while I’m at it, Thanks from all you do, the hard work of getting these out to the fans. I wanted to go the LV for the Star Trek CON but my health is not so good and my wife would not let me out of the house. What can I say, Phoenix VA.
    My point is than you. for keeping the dream alive that is Star Trek. I mean Anaxar…

    • Diana Kingsbury says:

      Hey Carl… you no longer need a separate way into the Donors Store! As I briefly explained in this issue, you’ll just log into your Ares Digital account, click on the link for the store, and be led to the image I posted above (which lists the current password, although I Photoshopped that out in the picture, of course), and you’re in! 🙂

  • Ultrawoman says:

    Boomer is beautiful!!!! He’s fat and fluffy!!!

  • Colin Parkinson says:

    Hi Diana, Thanks for the update on the Downer Perks Take as long as you need guys, Big Shot Out to you there Boomer 🙂
    Colin. Melbourne Australia !

  • Joshua Chandler says:

    I Was curious about whether or not ares digital would list as pending things from secret perk 2 from the indiegogo campaign?

    • Diana Kingsbury says:

      We may load that info in eventually, Joshua, but it isn’t a priority. As long as your shipping info in Ares Digital is correct, though, I’ll be able to get the “secret perks” out when it’s time for them to be shipped. 🙂

    • Terry McIntosh says:

      Yes, it will eventually. Right now I’m working on loading in all of the perk levels from each of the three fundraisers properly in to the database, including the secret perks and stretch goals, so expect the dashboard of Ares Digital to reflect more complete numbers in the ‘physical perks’ column as soon as that work has been completed.

  • Ben Willis says:

    Unlike a canine, Boomer does not respond to verbal commands…but it does look like he gets to inspect the shipping boxes, thanks to his owner! 🙂

    • Jerry says:

      We had a kitty who would come when called, “bbbrrrpp” at us when we used his name and in general act pretty dog-like. Kitties hate to be stereotyped.

  • James Beltz says:

    I hope to get my email changed over from what it was when I first donated to thecnew one I have now. Thanks Diana.

  • Thorsten Stichweh says:

    I just saw that my perks form the Prelude Kickstarter are just shipped 🙂 I can’t wait to receive them. Let’s see how long they will be stuck at the custom office.
    But I have one question. I had send money to the The Collier Family Fund via Paypal. Is the Disaster Response Batch included with this shipment?

    • Diana Kingsbury says:

      No Thorsten, it would have been waaaaay too much hassle to sort through the list of people who donated to the charitable cause and run it against the BackerKit info. (The disaster patch should have already shipped separately…) 🙂

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