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TOXIC FANDOM – Axanar Haters Attack Fan’s Job

By June 8, 2021 August 31st, 2021 Captain's Log

Believe it or not, even nearly half a decade after Axanar Productions and CBS/Paramount settled our year-long lawsuit and walked away amicably, several dozen fans (we call them “haters”) are still not letting this go.  They have literally threatened Alec Peters and his girlfriend Crysstal Hubbard, both with attempts at professional/business sabotage but also with threats of physical violence.  They attack those who publicly stand up for Axanar, insulting them with name-calling (one Jewish supporter was repeatedly referred to by the name of a infamous Nazi collaborator), and even spouses and family members have had to endure threats like being served with lawsuits at their places of employment.

All of this over a Star Trek fan film?  It’s really ridiculous, if you think about it, and the phrase “Get a life!” has never seemed more appropriate than when directed at the Axanar haters.

We rarely talk about these people because we don’t like to give them oxygen. But the group sank to even lower depths last week as two members, Chris Condon and Emmett Plant, took a Twitter argument against Axanar fan Jeff Craig and contacted his employer, trying to get him fired.  Jeff was called in at his job to explain the emails from the haters, and frankly, his bosses couldn’t understand the stupidity of the haters’ actions.

It’s bad enough with all the stupid name-calling, but that’s just sticks-and-stones crap.  This was a direct attack on someone’s livelihood.  So if Emmett Plant feels personally empowered to cross that line, then perhaps it’s time to treat him in a same way.

Emmett recently sent a message via Twitter to Jeff containing a threat of a “red-assed beatdown.”

Being totally embarrassed and not wanting the evidence of his of his threats up, Emmett insisted we take down the Tweet, filing a DMCA complaint to get us to take down the Tweet.

Emmett will tell anyone who will listen, and many who won’t, that he is a “Star Trek Producer.”  More specifically, he worked/works on the Star Trek audio dramas.  Axanar has now taken the step of contacting ViacomCBS legal and presenting the above tweet from Emmett Plant threatening violence against a Star Trek fan, along with telling them about his attempt to sabotage this fan’s employment.  It is now up to ViacomCBS, their lawyers, HR department, etc. to decide whether or not they want people like Emmett Plant representing their brand in any way.

Being a toxic fan is not a crime, just a sad, sad lifestyle.  But when you try and attack someone’s livelihood, you should be called out in kind.


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  • Philippe Godefroid (hello from Belgium) says:

    What a shame! shameful! And did he understand something in the philosophy of “star trek”, he who calls himself the producer of the franchise? Obviously no!

  • Ken Feldman says:

    Just curious, but what exactly are these haters complaints vis a vie Axanar and the fans? short version
    Also, does anyone have emails for these losers? Some of us do not Tweeter.

  • Sandra says:

    He seems to have a beef with Vic Mignogna as well despite his apparent problematic history with women:

    “Notably, despite his self-positioning as a stalwart defender of women and vocal critic of Mignogna’s alleged sexual misconduct, Plant was accused last year of not only being “a collosal d–k and gaslighter to some women behind the scenes [of the ‘#KickVic’ movement],” but also “a sex pest” based on his propositioning of at least two women on his now-deleted Discord server.”

    from https://boundingintocomics.com/2021/03/09/star-trek-audiobook-producer-emmett-plant-launches-effort-to-remove-vic-mignogna-from-las-vegas-star-trek-convention/

  • Denny says:

    These are the same tactics and behaviour from groups like this aint hell but you can see it from here and writer cubed they write lies they call people they are sadistic they get off enjoying hurting innocent people And they do it from behind the Internet curtain of a monitor with fake names and have no accountability.

  • Ceylan McGinty says:

    OMG this is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen!
    “You are a sad, strange, little man and you have my pity.”

  • Brian Capri says:

    I work on discovery and this guy has never set foot on any set in the time I’ve been there just a fool talking BS

  • Scott Gavin says:

    Sad. Just sad. This person needs a mental health evaluation. Or some anger management counseling at the very least.

  • Michael Derek Osburn says:

    It sounds as though this Emmett Plant should be reported; probably to the FBI. He may simply need counseling. But, he could be unhinged enough to grab a weapon and take a cross-country drive hurting people in the process. Do not take the chance.

  • John Peter Presson says:

    Whatever, Emmett. Some people really have too much time on their hands and take themselves WAY too seriously . This is supposed to be entertainment. It’s FUN!

    The world of the Federation seems so far off.

  • I agree this personal attack this mean spirted . Although I think made some mistakes early on with CBS that`s in the past and needs to stay there. I am waiting for the Part 2 ? BUT YOU DO NOT ATTACK PEOPLE FOR DOING WHAT LOVE! I wish all the best for all those who are doing this labor of love and can can haedy wait to see it.

  • Mr Ethic's says:

    I Can’t Agree more with Alec and Axanar Fan Fil Productions More, I’ve been Subject to alot of Abuse until I retired due to I’ll heelth from my Job as a Public civil servent, Toxic abuse like this is totally unreasonable and should be dealt with realistically, I totally agrre with contacting the relevent authorities and Bringing the abuser to book legally, Thier are such restrictions that can be put in place by Law TO RESTRICT THIER ACTIONS aswell that I feel need to seriously be put in place to protect the abused from such foul, little mined, Small and frankly inconsequential people who have an ego-centrised over opinion of thier own Importance when they are infact Nothing important to reality 🙂

  • William R Clapie says:

    Just wow. Welcome to the species.

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