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To Carly Simon (and Heinz Ketchup)*

It’s been a long, loooooooong time coming, Patient Donors. (Believe me, I know. As much as you guys think that you’re impatient to get those long-promised patches from the AXANAR Kickstarter campaign, my anxiety level about them has been at least at an 11. [Like, an 11 a la Spinal Tap, if you catch my meaning. 😛 ])

But, that’s exactly what’s happening, RIGHT NOW.


A fraction of the AXANAR Kickstarter patches shipped today…

(It’s so exciting I may die. Seriously, folks… this is BIG. HUGE. And, undeniably AWESOME. :))

*Oh, and today’s blog title? Think, what do Carly Simon, Heinz Ketchup, and all of us (donors and TeamAxanar, alike) have in common? That certain “Anticipation”… that’s (been) making  us wait… 😉

Now, back to the grindstone, here.

As for all of you waiting for patches from donations made to the AXANAR Kickstarter campaign? Keep an eye on those mailboxes, y’all…


P.S.: You MUST login to your new, Ares Digital 2.0 account and provide us with your FULL, CURRENT shipping address details in order for your patches to ship out. (No login, no shipment.) To login, please go here, and follow the prompts therein.

Oh, and please forgive the letter in the envelope that references us finishing Axanar in 2016.  These envelopes were packed in 2015 as we were finishing Prelude Perk shipping and fully expected to have Axanar finished in 2016.  🙁


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