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The USS Xenophon


A guest blog by 3D modeler Al Dinelt, who created the USS Xenophon model.

Quite a while ago, I saw a posting over at Sci-Fi Meshes asking for someone who could model a ship for the Axanar video.  I watched what was available and was totally blown away by it so I replied to the post.  Talked to Tobias Richter, found out what was required in a very short amount of time and gave it my best shot.  The ship was modeled in Cinema 4D over a period of a few weeks.  Didn’t have what you would call good reference images, so a lot of it is an interpretation of what I saw in very small images.  Really have to thank Alec and Tobias for guiding me along and working with me to realize their vision.  The warp nacelles were from Tobias and I worked on the rest of the Marklin class ship.  The model was exported to .FBX format and sent to Tobias where he tweaked it and added some extra detail, then worked his magic to bring it to life!  It was a great experience and learned a lot from Tobias.  I would be more than willing to collaborate with Alec and Tobias any time.



Al Dinelt

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  • I’m told this is classed as a destroyer, but I think it fits the corvette classification better. It seems too small (judging by what I assume are photon torpedo tubes at the front) to be a destroyer.

    Of course, that’s just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

    • David Hatch says:

      Yes but remember that “destroyer” in one time period to the next is going to evolve. At the time this may have been the best they were able to do after the NX class. Just a thought.

  • Edward Cox says:

    Looking good, we need to think of some way of makeing the at Warp Nacelles indicate thrust, not sure what but something is needed even some minor scintillation of distortion…

  • Roshan says:

    Nice design. I kinda like the different looking main saucer section.

  • Niv Calderon says:

    Its a saucer, with a Defiant built inside, with TOS Warp nacelles, and the most amazing deflector shield built-into/coming from the ship’s belly

    • John Garth says:

      At firsts look a very nice design but as I look at it more closely the Defiant theme certainly stands out. Overall texture levels seem low so that should make it more economical to render. IMO it’s needs a slight bit more texture and drop the underbelly deflector dish and move it to the nose. Yes more defiant like but will at least follow the design requirements for a deflector.

  • Jay Pollard says:

    I’m in need of an explanation. The Xenophon is a Marklin class destroyer which predates the Ares class and yet a destroyer is a purely military term for a warship. Calling it a Marklin class would also suggest there are other classes of destroyers or additional warship designs. I apologize for the nitpick but this conflicts with saying the Ares is the first pure starfleet warship. With that said, the Xenophon is one fine ride!

    • Alec Peters says:

      We used the designation from FASA, which was “Destroyer”. It was a nod to that old game, and so not necessarily meant to me a formal designation. It is just what Garth calls her! 🙂

      • Jay Pollard says:

        Thanks for the explination Alec! I certainly appreciate being able to ask questions like that and get real answers from people in the know 😀

  • TMRA says:

    This ship has been based on the model of the Defiant Class !
    But you put the TOS nacelles and make a different saucer, and the deflector is amazing.
    The ship is AMAZING !
    I am a Brazilian Trekkie, so I’m not so good with english !

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