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The Trekcetera Star Trek Auction Catalog is Live!

By July 31, 2019 August 20th, 2019 Captain's Log

The Trekcetera Museum Auction!

The Trekcetera Museum Auction catalog is live and you can download it here!

The  Trekcetera Museum Auction by Propworx will take place on Sunday, August 18th, 2019, on Liveauctioneers.com and anyone can bid!  All of the museum assets from props and costumes to autographed movie posters will be up for auction.

And your purchase can help fund Axanar (more on that below)!

The catalog itself is more than just a list of what is up for auction on August 18th.  It is a celebration of the museum and the two men who envisioned a way to share their collection with the world.  We meticulously photographed every display and every item for the catalog.  Michael Mangold, the curator of the museum, takes you on a tour in print, showing off all of the displays and narrating your journey.  We are really proud of this and hope you all will enjoy the catalog, whether you have visited the museum or not.

There are plenty of Star Trek props & costumes

Hell on Wheels has an awesome collection of items

The movie section includes Superman’s cape!

The Museum

Trekcetera was the first-ever officially licensed Star Trek museum.  But it was more than just Star trek and included items from movies and TV shows, mainly  ones that were filmed in Alberta, Canada (where the museum was located in the town of Drumheller) like Brokeback Mountain and Hell on Wheels, and even parts of the original Superman from 1978.

The Auction

Sadly, the Trekcetera Museum closed this year, but now you can own a piece of the museum.  Propworx has been chosen to sell all of the assets of the museum.  And so on Sunday, August 18th, 2019, all the props and costumes and posters from the museum will be up for auction on the Liveauctioneers website, which Propworx has used for almost 10 years.

Hell on Wheels props & costumes

Kes, Naomi Wildman and the Doctor!

Tuvok and Harry Kim!

Shinzon’s Throne and a Borg Alcove!

So what the heck does this have to do with Axanar?

Nemesis Viceroy Costume

Since I own Propworx, I have decided to take the first $10,000 of commission profits from this sale and use it to help fund the first shoot of Axanar this October.  Now, this is a small sale, and I have estimated the total auction is in the $125,000 range, of which Propworx gets a percentage—the majority is going to the Canadian government to satisfy the debts of the museum.  But whatever Propworx gets, the first $10,000 goes to the October shoot!

So you can support Axanar and get some cool Star Trek and movie props and costumes by participating in the auction!  If you haven’t participated in an auction, I am happy to chat with you and walk you through the process.

You can download the PDF catalog here:


The online auction webpage will be launched on LiveAuctioneers.com this weekend, at which point you will be able to register for the auction and put bids in!  Then watch the auction live on Sunday, August 18th!

Be the first to be notified when the auction launches this week on LiveAuctioneers and get daily updates leading up to the auction by signing up below:

And if you have any questions, please let me know!


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  • DAVID KOSKI says:

    Great idea! Please keep me in mind when you have a Babylon 5 auction. I would like to get one of Leta Alexander’s wardrobe. I’m a Patricia Tallman fan, have read her book and keep up with her charitable causes.

  • Chris Shane says:

    I want to know how much for Col. McQueen’s flight suit?

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