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“The Decomissioning” Premieres!

The great thing about Axanar is that it is so beloved by Star Trek fans that other people want to create content for the Axanar universe.

And so when Axanar DP Geoff Fagien wanted to test the new Red Komodo camera, which he was one of the first people in the industry to get, he decided to turn that into an opportunity to shoot an Axanar short! He asked Alec to play Garth and he asked to use the sets. Well, why would we say no to more Axanar?

Day One was some simple camera tests with Kelly and Crysstal

On Saturday Geoff did some simple camera tests with Kelly McDaniel and Crysstal Hubbard, in Axanar uniforms.  You will note that by the photo above, being Civid-19 production compliant was important and the crew wore masks, had plenty of hand sanitizer and got their temperatures taken when they showed up!

On Sunday, Geoff shot his main test.  The story is simple. It is 10 years since the end of the war, and as part of the 10 year anniversary of The Battle of Axanar, the USS Ares is being assigned to the Starfleet museum. Garth gets a last walk around the bridge.

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Alec Peters

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