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The USS Ares Bridge

By November 6, 2018 May 28th, 2019 Axanar News

There are three TOS bridges in the USA.  The New Voyages bridge in NY, the Farragut bridge in Kingsland, GA and the Exeter bridge, now in Arkansas.  And while the NY and GA bridges are only partial bridges, as even in TOS they rarely shot the full bridge, they are all pretty much the same…truly excellent recreations of the 1960’s TOS film set.

The newly completed USS Ares bridge in Atlanta is something different though. We present the bridge in all its glory.

JG Herztler reading his lines for the script reading

JG, Gary and Alec reading from the Axanar script

Working on the bridge the morning of Axacon!

Keith M. Sedor, Alec and Jonathan Lane

The entrance to the bridge

The top monitors are temporary inserts as we decided to change them from computer monitors to plexis


The art department likes to have fun.


Admiral Slater on the bridge!

There is still work to be done. Here is what is left to make the bridge perfect:

  1. Many of the consoles need to be routed so the plexi control surfaces fit snugly.
  2. The edges of the plexis need to all be painted black so light does not bleed around the edges.
  3. Get all monitor graphics finished and deployed in all computers.
  4. Replace two broken upper monitors.
  5. There is one section of bridge that still needs rubber matting.
  6. New plexis for Tactical and Fleet Ops need to be created.
  7. Captains Chair needs controls.
  8. We need a 70″ TV for the main viewer.
  9. We need to create a better power management system so we dont need a generator.  We think our facility can handle the power requirements, we just need to get an electrician in.
  10. Get chairs in place for all stations.

Yeah, we are perfectionists.  So work will continue.

Thank you to Dean Newbury and Dominic Parry for their work on building the bridge set.  Curtis short for purchasing and installing all the monitor screens. Dana Wagner, Simon Lissaman, Alexander Richardson, James Simpson and Lee Quseenberry for their finishing of the set. And Dakota Curtis, Josh Duhon, Alex Bright, and Hassan Ouissaaden for their work on the electrical and lighting. Plus, thanks to all the volunteers like Dale, Scott, Caroline, Allison, Paul, Rudi, and a host of others. (If I left you out tell me so I can include you!)

Thanks to Jonathan Lane for some of the above photos.

So stay tuned as we make more progress.  And thank you everyone for your support!


Join the discussion 11 Comments

  • Michael Rose says:

    Death Blossom on one of the weapons buttons. Good nod to The Last Starfighter.

  • Adam Schoenwald says:

    I had to let out a “yessss” to Death Blossom #LastStarfighter

  • Dale Simpson says:

    It was so much fun watching The Bridge come to life through the hard work of the Axanar Volunteers! She went from a wooden shell to a wonderous, living, lighted set, a character in her own right given a personality by all the volunteers who put so much into the build. Soon she will have all of her final details worked out and be able to shine in all her glory, but truly she looks so darn good!

  • Ronald D. Hearn says:

    Alrighty Captain Steady as she goes 😉 in the direction of the Awsomness Cluster 😉

  • Ronald D. Hearn says:

    This bridge 360 degree is just Awsome !!! No real newer of them out there for TOS era two thumbs up !!!

  • Rod Fleck says:

    It’s stunning. Absolutely stunning. Wow!

  • Looks awesome. Bravo…

  • Charlie Z says:

    Loving it!

  • Tim Treadwell says:

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is a thing of true beauty. Very, VERY, nicely done.

  • Duane Letourneau says:

    “the NY and GA bridges are only partial bridges”

    I can’t speak for Stage9, but the Bridge in NY is, as a matter of fact and experience, a 360° bridge. Sitting in the chair was a rush.

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