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The Axanar Fan Group – the Official Fan Club of Axanar

By June 8, 2017 Axanar News

One of the things we have talked about in our last donor newsletter was Open Source Axanar.  Catchy eh?

Well, it is meant to actually mean something.  And what it means is we want Axanar to continue to grow and thrive outside of what myself and the team here at Axanar do.  We want Axanar, which so many of you have said is the kind of Star trek you want to see, to continue to grow and be a solid universe within the Star Trek multiverse.

And Axanar is a universe that honors the original series in both detail and in spirit.  Many of you have said that Gene Roddenberry would have approved, and we think so, because Axanar is about its fans, and making a Star Trek true to the five TV series we know and love, that make up the pantheon of Star Trek.

Now, as I have said many times, I believe in the Star Trek multi-verse.  The TV shows and first 10 movies are the “Prime” universe, the new movies make up the “Kelvin” universe. Discovery, well, that is clearly another universe as well. Then there are the books, there is Star Trek Online, the comics (Both Marvel and DC), and so much more.  Each is a universe in the Star Trek multi-verse.  A rich multi-verse is good for Star trek.  And we are honored that so many fans believe we belong in their personal head canon.

So we recently launched the Axanar Fan Club and given it to the fans to run.   To start, a loyal group of hardcore fans will be running the fan club as they decide on a structure and such.  I gave it a little push by organizing a list of the different local “ships” that make up the overall fan club.  But where the club goes from here is up to them.

The Axanar Fan Group on Facebook is the official home of the Axanar Fan Club. It has been turned over to the Federation Council, if you will, and they are running it now.  I am focused on the Axanar Facebook Page and have been removed from being an Admin on the Fan Group.

It is important that we separate the Axanar Fan Club from Axanar Productions.  The Fan Club will soon be incorporated, and as Axanar Productions’ 501c3 filing is finally ready to go, I have been advising the Fan Club on doing the same.

Just like Rocketworx, my new production company, and OWC Studios, the new studio, these entities all need to be separate corporations and not overlap with Axanar Productions (which is solely responsible for the production of Axanar) for liability reasons.  So Axanar Productions and myself have nothing to do with the ownership or running of the Axanar Fan Club.

And if you want to run a local “Ship” in the Axanar Fan Club fleet, make sure you pipe up on the Axanar Fan Group on Facebook!

Remember, the tip of the spear must be sharp!



Join the discussion 5 Comments

  • Jeff lock says:

    I look forward to what will transpire over the comming weeks

  • Mark says:

    Full speed ahead!

  • Howard Decker says:

    AXANAR IS NOT YOURS. It is the property of CBS. As a nexus of fan activity, it is also not yours. Any Star Trek fan can use Axanar in whatever way they want that doesn’t piss off CBS or Paramount. May a thousand Axanars bloom.

    • Alec Peters says:

      Actually you don’t know what you are talking about. Axanar does not belong to CBS, it belongs to Axanar Productions. And since the court case was still settled, that is still the case.

  • Jed says:

    Love Axanar and all you do Alec. Thanks for all your hard work!

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