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We saved Goo the dog!

By February 24, 2020 February 2nd, 2024 Axanar Animal Rescue, Captain's Log

UPDATE:  We hit our fundraising goal!  Goo had his surgery yesterday and is doing well!  Rebecca and her girls are so happy!


Two young girls love this dog, and it is a member of their family, as dogs should be. Please help save his life!

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Rebecca Moore is a dog and horse rescue hero, that fosters animals and works with a fantastic dog rescue, A Place For All Animal Rescue. www.aplaceforall.org .

Now Rebecca needs our help. Her family dog is ill with bladder stones and desperately needs surgery or they will have to put him down! We cannot let this happen.

From Rebecca:

“I have a dog we rescued about a year and a half ago whose name is Goo. When we rescued him, he was near death and weighed 20 lbs. He now weighs a healthy 59lbs. and is a very happy dog. I foster 100’s of dogs every year and because of that I don’t have the money to pay for his surgery.

Goo was abused, neglected, and then discarded like a piece of garbage. Since my girls and I have had him he has gained confidence, and is a happy and generally healthy dog. My girls adore him and he is part of our family.

I took him to the vet on Wednesday because he could not pee. He would lift his leg up but nothing would would come out but blood. So I took him to ourvet and they put a catheter in so he could pee. They took X-rays on Friday and said he had bladder stones and would have to have surgery because that is the only way that they could get them out because they are large.

If I can not pay for his surgery he will have to be put down due to the amount of pain he will be in if he comes off the iv, off pain meds, and has the catheter removed which is allowing him to pee.

We love Goo and don’t want to have to have him put down! Please help us help him. He is such a sweet and awesome dog and deserves it.”

We have received $135 in donations just since yesterday from Rebecca’s friends and family without much effort. This morning we raised $125 on the GoFundMe we started. Now we need to make up the other $713!

That is all we need to save his life! Please help! Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

PS Dr. Sanders is going to neuter Goo for free, saving $300-400 in vet fees!



THANK YOU ALL!  Because of you, we hit our fundraising goal and Goo gets to live.  He is having his surgery this afternoon!

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  • Todd Milner says:

    Is it too late to contribute to this need? I have a $100.00 I could put forth if the needed surgery is indeed going to be done. Let me know.

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