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Production Update – November 20-21 Shoot Date Set!

Team Axanar has set the date of the November Film Shoot as November 20-21.  This includes the characters Admiral Sam Travis, Captain Robert April and one other character whom we are recasting.

We will be contacting donors who paid to be on set as production assistants or producers.  Due to Covid compliance requirements, the crew will be tightly controlled so we won’t be able to do the 100+ volunteers we did two years ago!

Why is this a Reshoot?    Unfortunately, our former director, Paul Jenkins and his “producer” Scott Conley lost footage for 3 different characters.  In addition, Paul didn’t pay attention to how the actors looked on camera and JG Hertzler looked awful and his costume was a mess.  We certainly can’t have Sam Travis looking disheveled!

Axanar director Ted Brunetti with Chazz Palminteri and Robert DeNiro

What is different?   We have made some big changes after dealing two consectutive disasters as director.  Ted Brunetti, our amazing new director, is a veteran of Hollywood and Broadway, having coached James Gandolfini, George C. Scott and Jack Lemon, and appeared in the Robert DeNiro Broadway play “A Bronx Tale”.  Ted is well known to both Alec and Rob Pralgo, the veteran Atlanta actor who plays Robert April.  And unlike our previous two directors, Ted isn’t interested in taking over the production.  Ted will focus on performances, while editor/post-supervisor Mark Edward Lewis, who has been with the production since 2013, will handle the more technical directing duties.

Its really important that we have people with deep experience who aren’t trying to use Axanar to advance their careers.  This is about delivering a great product for fans, nothing else.

Schedule –   This is the first of 3 film shoots.  While we planned for two, James Lew, who plays Tanaka, is on a Disney project till January, and so we are dividing up the Atlanta shoot into two one day shoots, one in Nov. and one in Feb.  In between is the 2-3 day Los Angeles shoot in December or January.

Thank you for your support.  We are excited to finish Axanar!

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  • Denn6 says:

    Thank you for doing what you are doing some places only do it for the money other places did it for name credit but what you’re doing is For the Love of the fan which is rare these days I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul speaking as a person who has cancer and is alone and dying who just buried his twin brother I want to tell you what you are doing is very meaningful for those of us who have a dream that we can be more than what we are we can be more than what we were anyone who cares for more than just what is I think it’s a perfect description of your team and your effort I look forward to seeing this thank you so much for a gift of hope signed Denny Chevalier

  • Shannon Berg says:

    Good afternoon!!!! I’m so excited for production to start on this! I’m currently in Wilmington NC and my husband works for Screen Gems. I’m a former tattoo artist and would love to have the opportunity to help on set in any way possible. Whether it be with set construction and/or staging on location and in studio, or as an extra or set hand. I’m so excited for this to get started I’d be beyond grateful to help in any way needed. Kinds Regards~ Shannon Berg https://www.facebook.com/shannon.berg.777

  • CUrtis W. Rendon says:

    Good to hear and good luck!

  • Mark L Lawrence says:

    I’ll still be available for driving (or security) if needed.

  • Peter Scrafton says:

    I wish you all good luck with this great team.
    Capt Bumbler

  • Diane Green says:

    As always let me know if you need me. Could help with the craft services table if you want or any other need. Just no driving please. Remember I am close to the studio.

  • Simon K. says:

    Film on – thanks. 🙂

  • Valerie Smyder says:

    I will be available to come down in November, Alec, yay! Anything you need me for, unless it’s heavy lifting, I can do. And I can do makeup for the humans and Vulcans. Can’t wait for everything to get going again, yippee!

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