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Production Update – Lighting & Greenscreen Evaluation

By October 15, 2021 Axanar News

On Wednesday, Axanar Gaffer Jim Ross and I ran over to the High School where we are shooting next month. The Gaffer is the technician responsible for all lighting.  This is a critical element of any film shoot, and Jim has been doing it for 20 years.

We will have 3 actors on greenscreen, and shoot one day. Today the goal was to evaluate the green screen walls and see if we can use them or not and what lighting they have we may be able to use.

Gaffer Jim Ross at the studio

Ultimately we decided that the walls were a little too inconsistent in color and that would affect the finished product.  But no worries as Jim has Green Screen screens we will use.  What is important is the location has a LOT of room. We won’t be crowded and we have a second, smaller room that is great for make-up, TWO dressing rooms, and a whole host of other classroom space we get to use!  This is an ideal set-up and we will shoot here in November and then again in February, both one day shoots.

The next two episodes of Axanar are slated for a summer, 2022 release!


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