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Production Update – Axanar to be Released in 4K!

On Tuesday, August 24th, the Axanar production team had a virtual meeting and discussed the plan to finish principal photography of Axanar.  Here are the highlights:

1)  Schedule  –  We have two shoots left in order to finish principal photography for Axanar.  We will do reshoots in Nov./Dec. in Atlanta and then the final 3 day shoot in Los Angeles in Dec./Jan.

2)  We have reshoots to do in Atlanta from the 2019 shoot –    Much of what was shot in 2019 was simply not up to Axanar standards.  The reshoot will be a good opportunity to improve on the footage previously shot and provide the quality Axanar fans have come to expect.  In addition, due to the now-fired film making team of Paul Jenkins and Scott Conley, footage from three different characters was lost and neither the Executive Producer nor Line Producer were informed on set, when we could have reshot the scenes.  (a great way to get your name on the Do Not Hire list in Hollywood).  This footage needs to now be reshot.

3) Axanar in 4K  –  We will be shooting in 6K, which is about 2.5X more resolution than 4K, but we will be outputting in 4K.  This allows us to shoot wider shots, but push in as we did in Prelude to Axanar.

That is the update for now.  Everyone is reviewing the script and footage from October 2019 to see what actors performances we can use and what footage needs to be reshot.  We are excited to start finishing Axanar!

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  • Bummer about the reshoots – hopefully the final list of scenes to be reshot will be short. One can only hope. I know how you feel about the footage. It’s a long story and will relate it to you at another time. And 4K sounds awesome!

  • James Galbreath says:

    Great news! As a supporter from the early stages of the Axanar drama, I’m really excited to see these specific and concrete steps towards accomplishing the vision that Alec began with. Live long and prosper! ( This whole Axanar adventure almost seems like a Star Trek plot full of surprises, disasters, and noble goals!)

  • Bill Pappin says:

    What happens for us that do not have 4k tv’s?

    • Alec Peters says:

      You dont need a 4K TV. Your TV automatically shows the best resolution it can. It is like your computer. They don’t care what resolution it is. So if you have standard HD, your TV will show it in standard HD. You just dont get the benefits of 4K while still being able to watch it.


  • Shane Freund says:

    I hope I can get to LA in Dec/Jan to see you all. Even if I can’t be on set.

  • Darryl Curson says:

    I am sure it will be worth the wait. Thanks for sticking to it.

  • Edward McDonald says:

    The first Axanar release was fantastic! I can’t wait until the next release. I’m sure it will be fantastic and the actors will be just as fantastic as they were in the first one. I just hope that there will be future releases and that the adventure continues!

  • Daniel Farrow says:

    I’m saddened to see that the Jewish Space Laser Corps did not meet its stretch goal Alec, but I’m excited to see what the results from the Axanar shoots. Here’s to you Alec! Wishing you well in the shoots.

  • Rick Newton says:

    Looking forward to seeing Axanar in 4K! Nice choice, though 6K or 8K would also be stunning! Remaining confident in you and the team to deliver amazing “shorts” that have a great impact on the story of Garth and the 4-years war with the Klingon Empire.

  • Charles says:

    Some lessons are hard to learn. Like, get a contract on everything, never allow a “single point failure” situation, and have backs to the backs up, and have a plan c & d to start with so when you get to “b” you know you need to start looking at plan “e.”


    That’s great news Alec along with all the hardships that understanding from the Lost looking forward to seeing the finished product and see you and others at DragonCon Labor Day weekend

  • Arllie says:

    As from the moment I first saw Prelude to Axanar, I look forward to the release of Axanar! Keep pushing forward!! And thanks!

  • Paul Clinton says:

    Been with you guys since forever it seems like. Im glad to read the end is coming and within sight. Congratulations to all of you who are making this happen and thank you for allowing me to tag along on the journey.

  • Tzu-Chi Hsu says:

    Glad to know that everything is finally coming along. The pandemic had pushed things back for a good year and half. I will be so excited to see it when it’s done!

  • Too bad covid has slowed the world down to a crawl. I have the patience to wait for the final product. I know it will be Outstanding…..

  • Edward Cox says:

    As director are you not monitoring the takes and assuring the products are in the can and secured afterward. Seems a failing on your part with the loss of crucial elements. Why did this come about? What did they try and bribe you for? Can’t you take legal action against these folks that tried to sabotage you? I’m sorry this has happened. I would carefully review what made these hirelings fail you and make sure you don’t repeat the mistakes made. Try not to take this too personally, with your role comes a hell of a lot of responsibility and we all learn from our mistakes. As a Lockheed Manager, I made hiring errors as well. In the end,
    these usurpers ended up disclosing themselves for what they were but they did damage efforts and schedules.

    • Alec Peters says:

      I am not the director and have never been. I am the executive producer. The Director is in charge of what happens on set, and my job is to stay out of his way.

      But yes, I need to be smarter about who I hire. We have spent a lot of time limiting our team to trustworthy people this time!


      • Lee Benjamin says:

        Glad to hear a solid plan. I’ll probably stop by the booth next weekend. Hoping for a great con!

  • Denny says:

    Keep up the great work can’t wait to see the end result.
    Live long and prosper!

  • Douglas Grady says:

    Sounds good 👍. Let me know what’s needed for Nov./ Dec shoot and I’ll see if I can help. 🖖

  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Oh, and losing shots and footage sucks. Best of luck with the reshoots!

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