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Prelude to Axanar Final Budget

By August 24, 2014 April 29th, 2016 Axanar Production Notes

We at Axanar believe we are one of the leading Kickstarter campaigns when it comes to financial transparency and accountability.  To that end we present here our final budget for Prelude to Axanar.


Production costs   $ 21,601.70

Sound Stage Rental/Staff  $ 10,191.16

Salaries $ 7,000

Craft Services  $ 2,300

Make-Up  $ 12,647.91

VFX  $ 14,000

Costumes  $ 6,708.16

Travel  $ 2,191.69

Meals  $ 467.53

Post Production $ 2,159.03

Fees  $ 113.02

Total Budget $ 79,380.20

This is the actual production budget.

We received $ 91,006.72 from Kickstarter, which represents the $ 101,171 we raised less unpaid pledges, Kickstarter fees and Amazon payment fees.

We also incurred other costs for perks, marketing, corporate setup and the Axanar Feature.   We will have those figures for you soon.

Alec Peters

Executive producer

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  • Danny Lo says:

    Thank you. Wish I could’ve added my pledge this time around, but got hit at the wrong time. Am looking forward to the next round.

  • James Galbreath says:

    Thanks for sharing this detailed data. It is helpful and healthy to understand the actual cost of such an undertaking. And a very special thanks to all who generously gave so much of their time and skills that the line item for salaries was only $7,000!

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