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Perk Fulfillment – Autographed Cast Member Photo

Now that we are finished shipping the Ultimate Patch Collection from the 2015 Indiegogo campaign, we are fulfilling the Signed Cast Member Photo, which was offered in both the 2014 Kickstarter and the 2015 Indiegogo campaign.
If you donated $100 in one of those two campaigns for the signed cast member photo, please follow the instructions here:
Please go to the Ares Studios Store, choose which actor photo you want (pick ONE), enter the password sent to your email (we did a mass mailing to all 452 of you!) and checkout.  You will be charged $10 for shipping and handling.  If you also want a photo signed by Alec Peters, it is only $5 additional, and Alec will personalize it if you want.  Just add how you want it personalized in the notes area of checkout.
If you want a signed photo from one of the new cast members (like James Lew as Tanaka, or Rob Pralgo as April), those will be available after the Los Angeles shoot.
All money goes to paying for shipping and handling, or directly to help make Axanar.
Thank You!
Team Axanar Fulfillment
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