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Patches Have Arrived!

The Indiegogo patches have arrived!  16,000 patches arrived in our studio the past two weeks and we have done a little video that will be up Wednesday.

The $ 35 level got the Fourth Fleet patch:

The Sam and Sonya patches that were for $ 50 donors:

We also have the Veteran patch for donors in both campaigns (Kickstarter and Indiegogo)

Next step is to have Ares Digital 3.0 finished, which Jerry is working on.  Then we will ask you all to go through and update your address and then we will begin shipping patches!

So stay tuned!


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  • Matt Kalvin says:

    Looks great! I’d like to extend a deep heartedly thank you to Alec and everyone involved keeping Axanar alive and well! Best thing about Trek fans is that we are fanatic dreamers who dare to never stop believing in our dreams despite any criticism, skepticism, or pessimism.

  • Adam says:

    Those look fantastic I wasn’t able to be part of either campaign but I’d sure like to donate to get some of those patches is there a way we can do that still?

  • Rick Newton says:

    I second Matt’s (Kalvin) sentiment!

    Thanks Alec!

    Oh, and the same for the team (worker bees [per ST:TMP reference]) that has been working diligently on the Ares bridge set. Looking amazing folks!

  • Randy says:

    How can I buy some patches if I didn’t donate? I love Star Trek!

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