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Paramount/CBA vs. Axanar Trial Date Set!

Federal Court Building 1

Good Monday morning Fans! Erin Ranahan, Andrew Jick and I just left the Los Angeles Federal Courthouse and I am happy to say our trial got moved up to January 31, 2017. So that is 3 1/2 months sooner than proposed by the parties.

That means, we could win this case and have Axanar back in production in March, 2017, Yes, we will finish Axanar!

And we should be hearing in a few weeks on Judge Klausner’s decision on our motion to dismiss. And despite a certain conspiracy nut’s claims, we expect to win at least part of that motion. (My money is on the judge dismissing at least the claim against the film Axanar, since we haven’t even begun production and so you can’t even judge a fair use defense).

Interestingly, the Judge only had two scheduling meetings on his docket and had cancelled the TEN or so hearings he had on his schedule. As Erin pointed out, this is SOP for Judge Klausner, and shoots down another crazy conspiracy theory by the same conspiracy nut.

So stay tuned for more info! With Mike Bawden flying to L.A. for planning meetings Thursday, we should have some interesting announcements in the next couple weeks.

Alec Peters

Executive Producer

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  • Claude Doziere says:


    I cross the fingers for the project Axanar. I hope that this new approach of the movie will be resolve the all the problems of the Copyright of CBS/Paramount.

    Good work, Erin Ranahan, Andrew Jick and thank you Alec and all the team work.

  • bob says:

    March is better than July. A positive note. And a good way to start a Monday. Thanks for the update Alec. I’ve never had conspiracy nuts. Are they like an almond?

  • …well, I hope you’ve still got enough money to do it by then?

    …and that the fans haven’t lost interest (personally, i’m getting very frustrated) =(

    If you stepped away from the “feature film” format, scrubbed out nu-trek IP, and started producing “TV episodes” now (like STC), would that hurt your chances of a positive outcome?

    Can you get away with releasing the “Heros” vignette, at least? Could Phase II release it for you?

    Why not try to do an end-around, instead of meeting them head-on…? =P

    Might CBS be willing to license you for “a piece of the action”? (…leveraging Axanar’s extreme popularity among the REAL Star Trek fans) (…and therein, reaching settlement?) =)

  • Bob Franklin says:

    Yep, lotta nutjob conspiracy theories out there – like the one stating that a disenfranchised loner & former marine who could barely – & I mean BARELY – qualify on the gun range as a marksman shot & killed our 35th president from the 6th floor of a book depository, as a receding target, through the thick foliage of an oak tree, with a rifle so worn out that it had to be rebuilt before it could be safely test fired. It should be noted that several highly qualified snipers have attempted to recreate his feat without success. another one I heard involves jet fuel fires being able to melt steel. My point is this – the tinfoil hattiest conspiracy theories most often come from our own government & not so much from cheesepuff eating basement dwellers. Mind you I haven’t read or heard the theory proposed by the person to whom you referred in your open letter to us Axanar fans, so I can’t really judge its merits. It may very well be (hell, it likely is) just as you say. I’ve just found in my own experience that the terms “conspiracy theorist” & “conspiracy theory” are generally used in a broad brushstroke fashion to derail inquiries into various unsavory affairs, & that in tracing back the connections of the person or persons throwing about such terms, strong connections to certain governmental agencies are quite often uncovered. i get where you’re going when you use use those labels. I really do. But in doing so you tend to paint yourself in an unflattering & IMHO undeserved light. Keep on fighting the selfish twits trying to shut down Axanar, & whatever else you do, WIN!!!!! Jerk the lot of ’em up on a short leash until they make loud & undignified squawk! GO TEAM AXANAR!!!!!

    • Holy Crap!! =O

      Bob F. tells it like it is!!

      …I like the way you think, and I salute you, Sir!

      (I’d love to see some Star Trek episodes that shoot down the “official stories” like you do!) =)

  • Kenny smith says:

    Can I send you a letter about the Star Trek clubs that parmount stuido and viacom don’t want us to use other art work for there web page. They are trying to block and Shute them down and some of them are on your side. As I am on your side to, I want to build a web site of useing the old star ship inside and outside as my page?.
    I want to send a letter to the judge and tell him my issue with the stuido of what they want to do with the fans?.

  • Matthew Madden says:

    Kick there ass and bring us a true star trek experince

  • William F. Maddock says:


    What if they wanted to fold you and the team into the franchise and finish Axanar that way? Would you be up for that?

    Also, do you think the judge’s quite rapid decision on the motion has anything to do with the phrase, “Yes, We will finish Axanar!” above?

    I know you didn’t intend it the way I am mentioning, but judges do have feelings, and tend to take things like that as an affront to their office.

    • Alec Peters says:

      1) Yes of course.

      2) The judge doesn’t read our blog, nor would it be relevant. We could finish Axanar right now if we wanted. The lawsuit doesn’t prevent that. We aren’t moving forward for multiple reasons discussed with our attorneys.

      3) Totally disagree. We could LOSE this lawsuit and still make Axanar. We would just have to make adjustments based on the ruling.


      • OK! this is good to know! =)

        …assuming that “they” is CBS and their TV / streaming franchise(s), can you say if you have made overtures in this direction (to CBS)?

        Thanks Alec! =)

  • Gregg Scott says:

    It is my hope of hopes that you will prevail. May the wind be at your backs.

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