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OWC Computing Sponsors Axanar!

By August 7, 2022 Axanar News

 Other World Computing Sponsors Axanar

Axanar has had a long history with Other World Computing, one of the top computer makers of external storage systems in the US.  Professionals of all types, especially in the film industry, are very familiar with OWC’s state of the art storage solutions.  And Axanar has been blessed to have OWC’s support as their founder and CEO Larry O’Connor is an Axanar donor from way back!

OWC has provided equipment before to Axanar, as well as sponsoring Ares Studios.  Now they will be providing TWO storage solutions to Axanar to make sure all our footage is protected and we have what we need for post-production.

The first 72TB storage array is being donated to Axanar so Alec can transfer all the video that Axanar has produced over the past 8 years into a professional-grade storage array.

The second is for the post production of Axanar, where OWC is providing both a computer and storage array for veteran OWC client Mark Edward Lewis to use during Axanar post-production.



We are truly excited to be working with OWC again! Thank you to everyone at OWC, and especially their CEO, Axanar donor Larry O’Connor!

Team Axanar



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