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No News is… No News!

Not that anyone out there is probably overly-worried I’ve fallen off the face of the earth, been sucked out of an airlock, or hied off in the TARDIS (not that I’d say no to that, truth be told), but it’s been a little while since I last chatted with all of you, so it sorta feels like it’s time to post something… if only to reassure you all that I’m still alive and kicking. 😛  So, with that said… Greetings from my new office — and the part of it devoted to Fulfillment Central!


A reproduction of “Spot”, from TNG, in my office. Fitting, no? 🙂 (courtesy of good friend & co-worker Jarrod Hunt)

As everyone reading this surely knows by now, we hit a wee pocket of turbulence here in the airspace at Axanar Productions,  late last month — legal entanglements plus the assorted kerfuffles that inevitably follow — which means we’ve temporarily ceased accepting new any donations to the AXANAR (feature-length film) campaign. Once things have settled, fundraising should resume.

In the meantime, we’re anticipating being able to ship out the patches from the AXANAR Kickstarter (that means the August 2014 campaign) soon. (Yes, I’ve said that before. No, it’s not my fault it hasn’t been able to happen, yet; our tech expert has an actual paying job that takes up most of his working time, so that means he gets things done when he’s able to get things done.) As soon as it’s possible to generate all of the necessary data, I’ll be putting a temporary assistant on the job here making all the address labels and then shipping out the envelopes. Fingers crossed, that can start happening soon!


Also in my office? For whenever it’s one of “those” days… 😉

Meanwhile, the Donor Store has been bustling, with many new and/or back-in-stock, super-popular items… which often wind up selling through within a couple days’ time! Be sure you check the store regularly, as well as the Facebook Donors Group (where store news is always posted, first), so you don’t miss out on something you’ve been wanting.

We’ve got some other fun things in the pipeline, so stay tuned for upcoming alerts!

Until next time,





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  • Adam La Juene says:

    I would rather things got done right than right now.

  • Keith says:

    Thanks for the update. You are doing a great job. I don’t do Facebook, will the items be on the Axanar web site? I will like to keep supporting the work you are doing. Love Axanar, here’s hopping you and CBS can sit down and get this thing ironed out. Thanks again.

    • Diana Kingsbury says:

      Keith, the “Donor Store” items are available to all donors via the “store” link on each donor’s Ares Digital account… 🙂

  • EJCox says:

    Thanks big D!!!

  • Brian Heite says:

    Thanks for the update! You folks are special, and doing great! The Calendar was absolutely awesome! I am sure it will be a collector item in the future. Thank you!

  • Doug says:

    Thanks for the update, Diana. You’re doing a GREAT job…and yes we did miss hearing from you. Congrats on your new office!

  • Alex says:

    Hi Diana,

    I read a post from December saying the Prelude to Axanar is 99% completed… I’m unlucky enough to be part of the missing 1%.
    I’m backer 8,009, I pledged to have everything up to (and including) the blu-ray disc… but have yet to see anything.
    Would you be so kind and double-check if you have my details? Or would you rather have me write you an email?

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