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More from our fans on what makes Axanar so exciting

By July 12, 2015 January 10th, 2024 Captain's Log

We’re still looking for what it is that keeps the fans of Axanar coming back to donate to our campaign to make the best Star Trek movie ever. The Indiegogo compaign is now in its general donation phase (so spread that word!), but here’s why some of our veterans continue to donate time and money.

“I’m a lifelong Trekkie, first watching it on my mother’s knee during its original run. I love all SF, from Arthur C. Clarke to Zardoz and everything in between. But nothing has ever scratched my itch like Star Trek.

Axanar is a landmark. Alec Peters is realizing the dream of a lifetime, unprecedented in its scale and ambition. I’ll do almost anything to support his project, short of streaking down the National Mall wearing only my TOS belt and Wand Company phaser. And don’t think I haven’t had requests!”- Aureliano Sanchez-Arango

“I have been a fan of  Star Trek since I was very young. It began watching the first Star Trek movies when there was a movie night on the networks (back when cable was less common).  I also caught some of the reruns from the original series and was always eager for more.  About that time, Star Trek the Next Generation premiered and my weekend revolved around being in front of a TV when STNG was on.  I have enjoyed all of the Star Trek series, and like many of you I have been disappointed at the relative absence of Star Trek in the past few years.  Star Trek Axanar fulfills that desire by combining some of the best elements of various prior iterations of Star Trek.  I enjoyed the return to Star Trek’s roots that Enterprise tried to capture, I also enjoyed the newest films’ attempt to modernize and infuse greater action/excitement.  Axanar does both, and it does so flawlessly.  It is both modern and exciting while being true to the original series.  I am proud and thrilled to be a part of such a worthy endeavor.”

 – Chris Carver

“I kept seeing Axanar all over Facebook. Curiosity got the better part of me, and off I went to the website. I wasn’t aware of the first Kickstarter, but got in on the second Kickstarter for Prelude. I was hooked: loved the documentary style. Been active on all the related Axanar Facebook pages, and helped out at the booth during Treklanta, where I got to meet Alec and Diana, as well as fellow Axanar fans!

To me, Axanar harkens back to TOS, which is what I grew up on (yeah, I am one of the still-living original Trek fans…). It’s a first-rate story, and it fills in some blanks in Star Trek history. I do hope that the latest Indiegogo fundraiser is successful in that it raises all it needs to do the complete film!

I first became aware of Star Trek in 1967. My father was in the Air Force, and we were living at Kadena Air Force Base on Okinawa. Everyday, planes would take off for airstrikes to Vietnam. There were days when those whom I knew did not make it back.

When my father returned from emergency leave in late December 1967 (my grandfather had passed away), we asked about the family. Despite the sad occasion, everyone was doing well. He then piped in about a weird TV show with some guy with pointed ears. Several months later, AFRTS – Armed Forces Radio and Television Service – started broadcasting Star Trek and I got to see the man with pointed ears. I have been hooked since that day. A great show, a positive message, and a future we could look forward to. It wasn’t perfect, but we could overcome the obstacles.

And with the Four Years War, the Federation overcame a dire obstacle and I look forward to that story in Start Trek: Axanar!”

 – Steve Dixon

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