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Greetings and a friendly hello from Axanar (at least, from Axanar HQ) to all of our donors, whether long-time supporters or brand-new fans!

There hasn’t been much to report, recently (hence the atypical silence here at HQ), but it’s time for a mid-summer update. So, let’s get to it!

First, we simply cannot thank all of you enough for your continued support and enthusiasm for the AXANAR project, so let me say it yet again: THANK YOU. 🙂

As you know, we’ve been at an unexpected standstill during 2016 due to legal issues. (On that front, we have an ever-expanding legal team working very hard—and pro bono!— for us, so although we can’t discuss any details, please know that things are progressing, and we remain optimistic for an eventual, positive resolution.)

That means, of course, that the majority of the rewards from the funding campaigns cannot be shipped yet (since the film needs to be completed before those rewards can be produced). But, as you probably recall, we’ve been expecting to be able to start shipping out the PATCHES from the AXANAR Kickstarter campaign (from July 2014) for quite some time; we’ve just been waiting until the digital platform (which is not only our means of digital deliveries but also a massive donor database) was completed.

In the way of Newton’s Law, though, we hit another unexpected snag, when our original technologist opted to bow out of the project before the digital platform he’d been working on was ready. That meant finding a new tech expert, whose mission it would then be to create a whole new digital platform, from the ground-up. (Doesn’t sound like that big a job? When you take into consideration three different funding campaigns, plus all of the retroactive donations, the “other” donations [such as in-person, direct-via-Paypal, anonymous, and specially-arranged ones]—involving more than 10,000 donors from all over the world, each in line to receive a different variety of digital and/or physical rewards—the scope of the task set before our new tech whiz starts to look a little more daunting, doesn’t it?)

There is good news, though; our new Chief Technology Officer, Bill Watters, says the bulk of the new Ares Digital platform has now been completed, with only smaller tweaks left to perform. So, around his busy work and convention schedules, he plans to have the new site ready to roll out in the very near future… and as soon as he gives me the all-clear, I’ll be letting you know that it’s time to get yourselves over to the new site so that you’ll be able to check and update your account information (after which we will then have your current, correct shipping info, and can–at long last–get busy sending out thousands of patches!).

Note that patches from the AXANAR Indiegogo campaign (from August 2015) will not begin to ship until AFTER those from the earlier Kickstarter campaign have been shipped.

Last (but not least), the tunics ARE in production! We will be shipping them out (to donors from all campaigns, as well as to those who later obtained them via the Donors Station) once we are in receipt of them. More news on that as I have it… 🙂

Live Long, Prosper, and above all, Be Kind, everyone…
~Diana Kingsbury,
Reporting from AXANAR HQ

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  • Kevin Hamilton says:

    Will you guys be making shirts in the Long Tall size, besides being slightly out of shape, I have too wear long clothes cause of my talk frame, most clothing even pre shrunk are too small for me to wear even if it is a 5xl…


  • Brian Monahan says:

    Thank you for updating us all on how things are going. It’s understandable that things have ground to a near halt while (in stasis) pending the outcome of the current legal arguments with CBS. I think I can speak for everyone in saying we hope you prevail and can complete what is certain to be a really great Star Trek fan film.

  • At the time due to hard times I was only a small donor, I did it because I firmly believe you have a really great idea and are backed up by the very best in the business, anyone in the film industry who viewed your promo was very impressed, not to mention scaring the crap out of the staid existing show makers, they are good but what you presented was better, hahahah greedy big big bucks, the real people in the world can and did do better, I just can’t wait to see the whole thing take off, our company is now doing a lot better and I will send more money to help out.
    Our company builds tidal and river powered machines with the goal of providing electricity to millions at little cost, it fits with the star trek vision, work together and we all win!
    Don’t Quit, you are not alone!
    Bill Jones and family

    PS, In our case don’t stress out about the perks and gifts, just get it done.

  • Ronald D. Hearn says:

    Thank You, Axanar Onnnnn. 🙂

  • Ryan 'Boogie' Russell says:

    Thank you guys and keep fighting the good fight!

  • ExHack says:

    Thank you for the update and the optimism. The continuing transparency (as much as the lawyering allows) is appreciated.

    I think the vast majority of those who have supported the project remain hopeful for its completion, and understand that Axanar got overtaken by events and a studio legal department that has tried to apply a one-size-fits-all intellectual-property protection to a unique piece of intellectual property. It would’ve been a lot smarter for the folks at CBS (and it’s probably not too late!) to take a hard look at the quality of the project – the players, the story, the technical expertise, and the overall strategic plan – and opt to bring it into the tent and legitimize it. Trek is not a zero-sum product. Trekkers won’t stop watching “official” Trek because of a fan-produced professional-grade film, any more than a Harry Potter fan would stop reading canon Potter because someone writes fanfic. Maybe you-all can help them see the light in this area, for Axanar and other high-quality fan productions like Renegades, ST Continues, etc.

    • Alec Peters says:

      I think most people are shocked at CBS’s actions and find them not only ill-conceived, but missing a great opportunity. You are right, Star Trek is NOT a zero-sum game. Axanar adds to the Star Trek pantheon in a positive way.

  • Carl Gleba says:

    The communications are great and informative. I’ll continue to support Axanar. Your vision is pure trek, fills in an interesting period in Federation history and I love the tie in to TOS via Garth obviously. I agree with others in that in my mind Axanar is cannon. Through your updates it was clear you knew how to execute on your vision and the movie was within our grasp. I hope for a positive outcome to the lawsuit. Live long and Prospher, Alex and team Axanar. P.S., hope you can keep doing the podcasts, loved them.

    • Alec Peters says:

      Thanks Carl! We all appreciate your support and yes, we will get a new podcast up ASAP.


  • Michael Katzenberger says:

    Never give up!
    Never surrender!

  • Kelvin says:

    We all are waiting for the treat thats going to be AXANAR!!!! so hopefull the suites will give the green light and no snags for you to continue

  • Tony P says:

    Perseverance is the hardest road, but the rewards of a difficult battle are the most memorable. Waiting patiently for your next victory!

  • Tim Aukett says:

    Thanks for the update and keep up the good work and the good fight! We (the donors and the fans) are behind you 110%!

  • James Galbreath says:

    Always helpful to get updates on the state of things at Axanar! It’s a great way to show you are still pressing forward. Hopefully Diana has been able to use this “stasis time” to get some rest and recovery moments in and play with her “wee kitty.” It will be fun to get those patches, but I certainly understand that the database shift is a monumental task. (My wife was a database programmer.) Take the time you need to get it right.

  • Wayne Farmer says:

    Regarding the leaving of your technologist, and your resultant need to rebuild the digital platform from the ground up:

    It’s horrible that this continues to happen. We’ve been writing software for 50 years, and yet we get into these situations where the software is so poorly documented that it’s thought to be easier and faster for a new programmer to start the project over rather than take time to understand the current software and then repair it or add new features to it.

    I was a software engineer for 25 years, and generally worked on electronic controllers of machinery. In my day, it was considered unprofessional to leave behind a poorly documented product, but it still happened a lot when employees left or a project was transferred to another department.

    Software documentation can be done well, but it generally takes a heavy hand like the US government, such as the Federal Aviation Administration or the Department of Defense, to be sure that it is done well. Businesses would rather create software quickly and handle problems later.

  • Edward J Cox says:

    Thanks for the update. I to remain optimistic that AXANAR will be completed. I think in this whole thing they are forgetting the love fans have for the genre and the ST universe. I do so hope sense will prevail.

    Look forward to my patches at some point but the real cake will be the AXANAR film/movie DVD..

    Thanks again..

    Tell Alec I’m the guy that keeps telling him to make a deal.. There has to be someone that has some sense over in CBS about this whole affair..

  • Marcel Smulders says:

    Thank you for the update! So hope CBS will come to their sences soon!

  • YngF says:

    Just to be nitpicking, I suspect you mean Murphy’s law, not Newton’s law. Unless someone with considerable mass bumped into your technologist while he was standing still or moving at a constant speed and pushed him in another direction (and thus out of the project), in which case he propbably wouldn’t have much say in the matter. 😛

    Anyway, keep up the good work. 😀

  • Vidal Costa says:

    Thanks for keeping the Project going! I am a Brazilian supporter (and a small one at that) but I firmly believe in this Project and might I add: I think Axanar is the first true Star Trek initiative since the last season of Enterprise – I know many loved the new films and are waiting eagerly for the new series… well I am not one of them. But I was waiting for Axanar and it pains me to see the high and mighty owners of the franchise trying to prevent you from fulfilling this production.
    I know I am not saying anything new here. You’ve heard it before from fans and supporters all around the world… I just wanted to add my words, few as they are, to the lines written by the others…
    Keep going Strong… Star Trek will be alive and well as long as you do.

  • Roger Robertson says:

    TY for the updates Miss D & to Alec for all of his informative comments & updates !! Y’all are doin an outstanding job provided the circumstances !! By your command, Cap’n !!!

  • John Hamilton says:

    Thanks for the update. Your story and production values are excellent. The story line is so exciting and much better than the current crop of official Star Trek movies (a feast for the ears and eyes, a famine for the mind). Good luck. We long time fans are rooting for you and your production.

  • Cole says:

    Hey Axanarians!

    I hope that CBS/Paramount comes to its senses and either acquires Axanar or just drops the lawsuit and guidelines. I just hope the amazing creative team behind the project finishes the product.

  • John DiIorio says:

    OK, Diana. I’m sorry to hear your technologist opted out due to legal issues. My own master digital editor who operates VRM Graphics Inc. would have finished the digital platform for a nominal fee also opted out for the same reason. He only charges for the work done and he’s speedy-no delays. I’ve been waiting two years now for my order in August 2014 because of incorrect info in the system. So, the sooner Bill Watters finishes tweaking the new Ares
    Digital platform the better!

  • Neil says:

    M’Lady Diana:

    Thanks from Canada for the update. I hope transparent aluminium has not yet been invented by the time the lawyers get a green light for this wonderful project.

    I can understand why CBS is against Axanar; the production is probably too good for their comfort level. What I canNOT understand, though, is why CBS hasn’t approached you with money and a deal to be part of the production. I’m sure they have a reason; this simple mind just can’t see what it would be.


  • Matthew in Edmonton says:

    So here we have Bryan Fuller talking about DSC. http://trekmovie.com/2016/07/28/more-from-bryan-fuller-on-star-trek-discovery/#comments

    Specifically note how he wants to create a new “aesthetic” for the Trek universe.

    Is it any wonder these guys came as hard against fan productions, particularly Axanar? Alec, you guys have kept true to the Trek aesthetic that we fans know and crave. When I saw Prelude for the first time, my god, I thought, “They did it! They actually did it!”

    I don’t want to prejudge the new show until I see it. Truly, I hope good things for it.

  • Chris Butcher says:

    Many thanks for the update, Alec. I have only warm thoughts and – like the rest of us Axanerds – a true longing to see Axanar, as it was brilliantly conceived! Please keep fighting to make this film. I don’t have to remind you that most of us donors remain committed to Axanar. We love You and The Entire Axanar Team and we are hopeful that this can be resolved in a way that everyone wins. Barring that, just beat the pants of the CBS legal team!! 😉 Ad Astra!!

  • Jimmy B says:

    Ms. Kingsbury,
    A while back you sent me some Axanar patches that I had ordered. They were lovely. You also took the time to sign the invoice with “Live Long and Prosper” hand written with your signature. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate it. Its that sort of thing that makes me enjoy being a small part of Axanar. I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Peace and Long Life!
    Jimmy B

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