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Lawsuit Update 10-13-2016


Since we really can’t comment on the lawsuit, there really is only one place for you to get your news on the CBS/Paramount lawsuit vs. Axanar, Fan Film Factor.  Jonathan Lane consults real lawyers who are familiar with our case before he writes an article, so it isn’t nonsense and armchair lawyering from some hack blogger.

The latest two blog articles are really detailed and provide a pretty good analysis of what is going on.  Make sure you check out Part I here and Part II Here.

And stay tuned to Jonathan’s site for the only objective view of the lawsuit.


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  • kenny smith says:

    To the person at axanar, i don’t like what i have just saw in part 2 of the paper work that you gave us to see. you are 100% right in us of being mad at cbs and paramount studio about your rights and both cbs and paramount studio don’t have no right to force you at axanar to give up your rights. i to would not let them take that away from you or us who love star trek.

    i am so dam mad at cbs and paramount studio of who is trying to keep any part of the shows for them self.

    i don’t like to see them of trying to take it for them self.

    at my end i to am on your side to get them out of the movies business and get them out on the streets and see them of what we can do as part of who can show what we can do as a mass group of people who love star trek and make sure we can can keep it ehat gene Roddenberry like it as what it should be. for every one to share this star trek. As it is for everyone.

  • kenny smith says:

    i kenny smith is telling everyone about your lawsuit with cbs and paramount studio, already a person who have a project of his way of star ship enterprise ncc 1701 witch is in better details of his way of the TOS. he is on 3dbuzz.com
    his work in progress he had to close down this website. how far is this going to go at.
    how far can the star trek fan go with this?.

  • Sergio says:

    Has anyone considered that CBS did lose money as a result of the Axanar lawsuit? How many Star Trek fans did not go see Beyond because they are upset at CBS for suing Star Trek Fans? Does it count in court if the loss is self inflicted?

    • Alec Peters says:

      Well, it won’t hurt Axanar that people didn’t go see STB because of CBS/Paramount suing Axanar. That was their own fault.


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