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LA Shoot Planning Begins!

Planning for the Los Angeles 3-day Axanar shoot has begun!

With $50,000 banked to execute the last two film shoots of Axanar, planning has begun for the 3 day Los Angeles shoot which will most likely happen in early May.  While we had hoped for a January/February date, Alec wanted to have all the money banked before committing to the shoot.  And while $30,000 was banked in December, that wasn’t enough to guarantee the Los Angeles shoot.

As we mentioned previously, Alec has put the entire $50,000 up himself and this will be the first Axanar shoot that doesn’t rely on donor funds.

There have been a lot of changes in the 2+ years since the October 2019 shoot.  Covid shut down the whole industry for a while, but one of the silver linings from the enormous delays it caused, was a re-evaluation of what it takes to shoot a small independent film.  Consultations with Chris Mills, a PGA Producer who managed the 2019 shoot, got our new DP Geoff Fagien and Alec to realize they could shoot with a team of only 7 on set.  That is about a third of what was on set on 2019.  And that means lower costs, and more money to go into things like make up and costumes.  And with an experienced directing crew on board this time, in the form of industry veterans Ted Brunetti and Mark Edward Lewis, we expect this will be as efficient and productive a shoot as we had this past November.  That shoot was a 10/10 according to everyone involved, and resulted in amazing footage, which is important as the footage from 2019 just wasn’t up to Axanar standards.

So, preliminary budgeting has been done, and we are working on scheduling now.   This 3 day shoot, and the one day in Atlanta, will wrap production for Axanar!  So stay tuned for more info.

Team Axanar

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  • Jared Leazer says:

    I live in the OC and soon moving closer to LA, my gf works in West Hollywood. If you need any extras, please let me know!

  • Valerie Smyder says:

    This is awesome, Alec! There is a good possibility I could come to LA, which would be a first for me! Fingers crossed.

    As of this time, I am being treated for temporal arteritis. The temporal arteritis in my face that feeds into my brain has become seriously inflamed, which is very dangerous. It has already affected my vision; I can’t see very well. They may have to do a biopsy. I will find out tomorrow. Prayers that they can get me better soon!

  • DH says:

    Awesome. Will donors at the Associate Producer and Featured Extra levels receive private emails in addition to these updates? Thank you.

  • Robert Piekiel says:

    Glad everything is moving ahead! Thank you so much for making this happen. So sad that other fan-productions “are not,”

  • Jim Robinson says:

    So excited to finally see the project wrapping up. Cant wait for the finished product, just wish it could have been a feature length film.

  • Anthony Ortega says:

    I live in the San Fernando Valley. Need any extras?

  • James Galbreath says:

    Excellent news! Keep the standards high and the content creative and this should turn out fine! Really looking forward to the new material and the grand finale!! Keep up the great work!

  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Great news!

  • David Clyde Hubbard says:

    Good luck Team Axanar
    Wish you all the best from your freedom loving Trekkers in Texas.

  • Troy says:

    Wizard!!! Can’t wait!

  • Paul Clinton says:

    I’m mentally salivating to see what all your time, effort, and hard work has produced.

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