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Indiegogo: One-day Donor Special… NOW!

A heads up to AXANAR donors living in the U.S. …
We’ve got a very-special, ONE-DAY-ONLY, “Secret Perk” available for a super-amazing price ($27 including shipping) on the current Indiegogo campaign, starting NOW!

This is part of our “final stretch” efforts in this campaign, to reward you for all of your help with the project thus far… and to help us (hopefully!) achieve the next stretch goal, before the campaign ends!

So go forth, and check it out… with our thanks and appreciation, as always.


~Diana Kingsbury

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  • Rick Newton says:

    U.S. supporters only… 🙁

    But, I do hope that this generates even more buzz about this great project!

    • Diana Kingsbury says:

      There will be other, worldwide-availability “Special Perks” this week, Rick. 🙂

  • Richard Reeve says:

    Good evening:
    I placed an order with Indiegogo for the Secret Perk hoping to use a family member’s shipping address in Maine, however I was not prompted for this. How do I ensure this for the future?
    Thank you,

  • Ben Willis says:

    Can’t wait for the next “secret perk” ! Thank you Diana!!

    ps: Since the first secret perk sold out, I suppose now you have 200 more packages to mail! Oh the joy, even more work! Seriously though, that was a great idea! To the second stretch goal, and beyond!!

    • Diana Kingsbury says:

      Pretty cool, huh, Ben? 😀
      We can almost feel that next stretch goal, now… !

  • Kay D Heenan says:


    I would love to join your support team with a 3 payment donation at the $150.00 level. Every time I type in the web site that is recommended I get every thing but what I think I am looking for. HELP! I am not as computer savy so most people now days…but I have been in love with STAR TREK since I was a kid and saw the very first show on TV. I had a black & white TV when I was in College and watched every re-run. I don’t think I have ever missed a showing of a TV show or Movie that I knew about. I worked at a Movie Theater all while I was in College. I knew when to take my break so I could see my favorite bits. I can still repeat “The Wrath Of Khan” word for word. You are right about old and new fans (I guess) just want a new episode. THANK YOU AND AXANAR PRODUCTIONS!

    Keep Treking – Live Long and Prosper!


    • Diana Kingsbury says:

      Kay, I’m always THRILLED to help a fellow Trekkie out!

      Here’s how to go about using the installment plan:
      Instead of selecting the package level on the Indiegogo (which would result in your being charged the full amount immediately), you first let me know you’d like to opt for the payment plan. Next, total your package choice(s), including shipping–then divide by three and make your first payment by Paypalling us at donate@startrekaxanar.com. Thirty days from now, you’ll make your second payment, and sixty days from now, the third/final installment. Each time, if you would, just include a note to me in the message section telling me what package and installment your payment is for, so I can amend my records quickly each time. And that’s it!

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