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Highlights of the Week 21 June 2015

By June 22, 2015 April 29th, 2016 Axanar Production Notes

weekly roundupWelcome to a new feature, a weekly wrap-up of the latest happenings with Axanar, both here on the blogs and around the Web as well. Make sure you check back every week for the highlights, so you can quickly stay up to speed (warp or impulse) with the people, plans, and, who knows, perhaps some surprises you won’t find anywhere else!

Captain’s Log

Let’s kick things off at the top with the Captain’s Log, in which our stalwart Captain Garth himself, Alec Peters, relates daily highlights from the production. This week, the big story was the official start of principal photography on the Axanar feature on the 13th of June. Reports from the shoot are exciting, as all of the planning and preparation beforehand made Day One an unqualified success, and as Director Rob Burnett relates, even exceeded expectations, as he begins to meld the live-action footage shot on Saturday with the first computer visuals from digital wizard Tobias Richter.

iPhone-Mockup-02 copy

Also newly-announced is an Axanar mobile app currently in the works for both iPhone and Android devices. The full set of features has yet to be revealed, but the team is hopeful that it will be available by the time the next round of crowdfunding begins.

Fulfillment Blog

Moving to the Axanar Logistics Command, this week saw the start of the Fulfillment Blog, where the tireless Diana Kingsbury, Axanar’s Director of Fulfillment, gives us up-to-the-minute info on the perks and other merchandise available to crowdfunding donors.

Soundtrack CD 1

Leading the news this week, is the arrival of the Prelude to Axanar Soundtrack CD! Alex Bornstein’s award-winning score was offered to Donors as a perk at the Lieutenant or above levels, and the packages for those donors are now flowing through the fulfillment pipeline.

Around the Web

Breaking orbit and heading out into the uncharted space of the Internet, Alec is the guest star of Episode 19 of the Trekgeeks podcast. Alec holds forth on both the origins of Axanar, and the latest happenings behind the scenes. Well worth a listen!

Our social media community is alive and buzzing around the clock, with several different Facebook Groups for Fans, Donors, and a couple of special-interest groups as well. This week, artist Sean Tourangeau posted several new digital paintings of the Axanar cast, as well as the original Captain Garth from Whom Gods Destroy.

That’s the weekly roundup for the Axa-verse for the week ending 21 June 2015. Please leave your thoughts and suggestions below!


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  • Steven Shinsato says:

    Welcome Reese. Are you the new master of the Axanar Blog? If so, give us a little bio about yourself. Thanks

    • Reece Watkins says:

      Hello Steven,

      I’m a lifelong Trek fan, and a staunch supporter of this project. I’m a programmer by trade, but a generalist-at-large by choice. I’ve been active on the Facebook pages since Prelude premiered, and a con volunteer as circumstances permitted. I have had some small experience with producing a web series, but that was ten years ago and perhaps one percent the size of this one. Still, the issues my team faced parallel several of the ones Axanar faces, just different in scale by two orders of magnitude. It gives me a greater appreciation for what the team is managing to tackle head-on, and I am happy to be able to help wherever I can.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Jerry says:

    This blog is a great idea especially for those of us who have lives that occasionally pull us away and who might, as a consequence, miss something.

    • Reece Watkins says:

      Thanks, Jerry! You can thank Alec for it, the summary blog was his idea. I’m happy to be able to help! This week’s installment will go a bit more in-depth, based on some good reader feedback I’ve gotten, so stay tuned!

      Thanks and regards,

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