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Guest Post- Ensign Boomer Gets Mail

Nothing breaking to report in the land of fulfillment, while our new tech team continues to work on rebuilding our digital delivery system from the ground up. As this is also where all donor account information will be housed, it’s a mammoth job… and one that needs to be done right, so that the end result is a robust system that will be easy and pleasant to use. Your continued patience will be rewarded, in the end… 🙂

In the meantime, Ensign Boomer wanted to let everyone know what he’s been up to… and who would dare deny Axanar’s favorite furball anything?! 😉

So, without further ado… Ensign Boomer.



To “Boomer Da Cat”… dat’s me!!

Hello out dere! Ensign Boomer here, reportin’ fur duty! I has big news to impawrt… a mission status report from da Kitty Kontingent all da way over in Maine!! (Dis wee outpost is very far away from my home base in Axanar/LA, Califurnia, accordin’ to what I can tell.) Dey managed to send me a pawrcel with a letter inside.


See? I gets da mails. 🙂

Da Kitty Kontingent is quite small, appawrently, wifh just fhree crewcats stationed dere right now, including Kaptain Kimi, Rocco, and Enzo (or NZ, as dey calls him). Dere are a couple of two-leggers around, too, but… eh, once u has seen one human, dere’s not much more to say about dem, u noes what I mean? (MOL)



So, Kaptain Kimi commissioned da human staff to send dis wonderful prezzie to me, since she noes I works very hard here. OMP (Oh My Paws), it even has a pack o’… ‘NIP inside! (Purrly medicinals, u noes…!) Well, after fhoroughly inspection’ da ‘nip, I fhought I’d try out da rest of da prezzie…



Do you see what dey sent me?!? A SPACE blankie!! (I fhink da crewcats at dis outpost may be getting purrmotions, soon, fur goin’ above ‘n beyond da call o’ duty… like, to infinity ‘n beyond!! 😀 )


Yep, folks, dis blankie is officially Ensign Boomer Appurroved… 🙂

A huge FHANK YOU to Kaptain Kimi, Rocco, ‘n NZ all da way over at da far-away outpost ofherwise known as Maine!! Dis wonderful gift is MOST unexpected… ‘n MOST appurreciated!!

Now, carry on, all u crewcats ‘n crewdogs out dere in doz far-off outposts. U noes what to do… get back to supervisin’ da two-leggers. (All hellcat will surely break loose if u neglects ur duties, so… back to work! U has ur orders!)

‘N wifh dat, dis is Ensign Boomer, sayin’ over ‘n outs… 🙂

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  • Milan Hatch says:

    Hi Diana,
    I just picked up a Boomer Patch at the Denver Comic Con. I told Alec he should have a Boomer Squadron and he said that you’re pushing really hard to have one.

  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Excellent report, Ensign! 🙂

  • William says:

    Should send a few patches to the guys at Vet Ranch. They’d love them.

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