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Gary Graham, Axanar’s “Soval”, Passes Away at 73

By January 23, 2024 Axanar News

We are saddened to report of the passing of Gary Graham due to a heart attack at the age of 73.  Gary’s ex-wife posted the following on Facebook:

Jonathan Lane did an excellent piece on Fan Film Factor this morning which is worth a read.

I knew Gary since my time on set with Star Trek Renegades in 2013.  My good friend Bing Bailey introduced us in a green room and after Richard Hatch signed on to Prelude to Axanar, I asked Gary. Gary was always a lot of fun and we had some truly wonderful times recreating his Enterprise character of “Soval”.

We will be releasing some of Gary’s interview videos on the Axanar YouTube channel and we hope you will check them out.

Alec Peters

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  • Peter says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss to the Team of Axanar and all the fans. Gary was a great actor and will be missed.

  • Kenny Smith says:

    I can bet a lot of person didn’t here much about him on the news at yet?

  • Ken Shackelford says:

    I am truly saddened to hear the news of Gary’s passing. He was a very talented actor and he gave his all in every role he played. His contribution to Star Trek was very memorable and lasting; he will be surely missed by everyone that knew him or otherwise has seen is body of work.

  • Darell C Phillips says:

    Yes, Jonathan Lane did a nice article. I know that you will place something at the end of Axanar to honor Gary in his last performance on film.

  • Colin Campbell says:

    I am so shocked at his death, My thoughts are with you and his wife and of course his daughter!

    I only know him acting wise from Star Trek Enterprise.

    And I could see that he was a great actor and from what I read about him later on a really amazing man.

    We all have lost a great person and a great actor whom I think enriched all our lives as he played the role of Soval
    in Enterprise so well and really made the series a joy to watch.

    I hope you all find some comfort in the things he gave and did fr you all. We as Fans will miss his amazing skills to make the roles he played come to life.
    Your Colin.

  • A very nice tribute to a worthy and gifted character actor who deserved more leads. THANK YOU to the family for sharing his wonderful gifts with us for all these years. Those of us who only knew him through his acting mourn his passing in a different way, but we couldn’t help but feel we knew him as he entered our homes as a very welcome guest.

    • Frank Inoh says:

      On his short lived series *Alien Nation* Graham’s character Sykes, was picking up an alien girl from school, and launches into a racist tirade that perfectly skewers the stupidity of racism. It is one of my favorite teevee memories. ” if enough of us do it …. it will almost seem legal”

      Rip G².

  • Lothar "Hymeteron" Irrgang says:

    Death is illogical.

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