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Full-Speed Ahead!!

By June 24, 2015 April 29th, 2016 Donors, Fundraising & Fulfillment

Ever wonder what it’s like working full-time on a project like AXANAR–what we really do? If so, here’s your chance to peek behind the curtain…

My Today (which is representative of most days):
*Out of bed at 6:45. Squeeze and smooch on Boomer, pour some caffeine, then check for any urgent Axanar emails, messages, missed calls, or posts that require immediate attention. (There’s more of this than you might imagine, and since I’m not known for giving one-word answers– 😉 –it takes a while. )

*Get ready for the day. Gather all my stuff, make a protein shake for the road, then relent and play with Boomer some more. (Those dreamy blue eyes of his, that winsome meow… RESISTANCE is FUTILE!!!)


Boomer… my Furry Inspiration

*Hop in the car and brave traffic to head up to the office/studio, making a big detour to pick up an order of special Axanar shirts we’ll be wearing at cons. (My new shirt guy is AWESOME. We bonded the day before–when I made the same trip to drop off the blank goods–over our mutual love of cats and the removal of cat fur from clothing with tape. [Hey, if you have a furbaby, you’ll understand.])

*Arrive at office. Discuss internal matters with Jarrod, the Stage Manager. Chat with Dean, the Construction Coordinator, about progress, staffing, and life. Get to work on more emails, respond to Facebook posts and messages, and answer Kickstarter messages. Print out all of the orders (store, retro donations, and Paypal donations) that have come in since the previous day. Color-code everything, and file in appropriate binders. Take some Tylenol. Eat a protein bar for lunch (while answering donor emails).

*Log into the PRELUDE BackerKit, and find that the BackerKit guy has fixed an issue which (frustratingly) wouldn’t allow me to print more than one set of postage per donor, before. Go dig out another case of CDs from the warehouse, and more shipping boxes from Shipping Central. Rock on with my bad self, getting the rest of the domestic CDs ready to ship.


Domestic PRELUDE “Lieutenant” CDs… on their way!

*Throw all the packages into a jumbo box and head to the post office. Lug the heavy box in and plead with the guy behind the secret door to just take them out of my hands; he, thankfully, complies.

*Race off to a doctor’s appointment… to sit and wait. Then, back to the office, to collect my cell phone from where I’d left it on the bathroom sink. (Ergh. I’m clearly losing my mind.)

*Rush-hour traffic home. Pet Boomer. Answer emails and messages. Take more Tylenol.

*Change into workout clothes and hop on treadmill. Alternate reading and dealing with Axanar IMs for the next 45 minutes.


Be it ever so humble…

*Play with Boomer. Shower. Fix a sandwich, and sit down at computer… to attack yet more emails, messages, etc. Write up a couple of action plans for current projects. Do some counts and compile another list. Consult with internal staff on the status of other projects. (Wonder, meanwhile, as I’m typing with one hand and holding sandwich with the other, if this is all a wee-tad bit obsessive.)

*Discuss projects with Alec for the next three-plus hours (as we each balance our laptops–that’s modern life, for you, eh?). Take a break to brush and pay homage to Boomer. (No, really, it IS a two-person job.) More discussions about Axanar.

*Look at clock and see that it’s already almost 11:30pm… and we’re STILL working… and realize that tomorrow is another day.

Peace, love, & Axanar, y’all… 🙂

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  • Steven Shinsato says:

    It sounds like you need a personal assistant – or two (I know, it’s not in the budget) Thanks for letting us see what the “Great and Powerful OZ” does behind the green curtain (or is it screen). Keep up the great work. It is very much appreciated.

  • Yo go girl! That’s how you make an excellent crowfunding campaign folks. Thanks Diana. Thanks Boomer.

  • Scott Voigt says:


    I thought my life was busy, I am just going to go sit in the corner and quit complaining…

    I see you have the same problems that ALL cat lovers have, they are the bane of our existence and they train us well .

    Con Shirt!!!!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (That’s Texan for Damn). 3XL please, let me know where to send the money .

    Now we know the secret to how you keep in shape, not one real meal mentioned all day and on top of that exercise to boot. I am ashamed of myself already…

    Thanks for having so much energy and spending it on all of us and the people of Axanar…


    Scott V.

  • Norman C. Lao says:

    Thank you Diana for this behind the scenes glimpse at what you do for us and for the Axanar movement. We are so fortunate to have you on our team and to have you coordinate this literal Gordian Knot of processes in order for you to take care of all of the donors. AND thank you for sharing a day in the life of Boomer as well.

    Peace and Long Life my dear!


  • Jerry says:

    As a fur lover, I have to assert that fur on one’s clothes and body is to be considered a fashion accessory that reflects the personality. We can’t have kitties any more due to my wife’s allergy, but we make sure that all visitors to our place are liberally supplied with golden retriever fur to accessorize whatever they might be wearing.

  • Sean says:

    YIKES! That sounds like a full week. We appreciate it! By the way, did anyone mention that “Director of Fulfillment” sounds like you’re the second in command at a religious sect? Not a BAD sect mind you, but one where Director of Fulfillment means something like “senior spiritual guide.”

    …or maybe Boomer can be the senior spiritual guide. He looks pretty Zen.

    • Diana Kingsbury says:

      LOL… yes, we should definitely let Boomer have the “senior spiritual guide” title, on the basis of his very Zen-ness, alone (and my complete and utter lack thereof 😉 ).

  • Edward Cox says:

    To much Tylenol can damage your liver Diana. Try cvs sodium naproxen if it’s pain relief yr needing. 1tablet is good for a whole day. Rest a little. Ease that schedule and delegate stuff if there’s help. Takes care.

  • Paul Janssens says:

    That’s a lot of Tylenol and a very strong reliance on protein (I know, it’s “in” to ban all carbs etc.). Not sure all that is good for you … We want to keep you around for a long time, Diana !!!
    Wish there was a way to make things a bit less idioticly busy … But that won’t happen till AFTER the next KS campaign, I guess. Pity, you’ll be missing out on that fun movie “Spy” as that just won’t fit in this kind of hectic schedule.

  • David Hatch says:

    Thank you for what you’re doing! Sometimes those jobs get the recognition that they deserve but as someone who also works behind the scenes in my field it’s a lot of work and yet rewarding! Your day sounds crazy and I wish we lived in CA so we could help! My wife would make a great assistant and I know I could help Terry with the techie side of things. At any rate, thanks again and we hope to see Axanar at the Salt Lake City Comic Con!!!

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