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Filming starts at OWC Studios!

And it isn’t what you think!

For the past 6 months, I have been working with Pasha Souverin, the head of the Gwinnett County High School video production program to open up OWC Studios to high school students who want an opportunity to film at a studio, and not just at their schools or on location.  There are 28 schools in the Gwinnett County school system and Pasha leads the curriculum for those schools.

Now the state of Georgia has a program for college students called Georgia Film Academy.  This program helps college students with courses that help them prepare for working in Georgia’s huge film industry.  And while high school students can take courses in video production, we hope that we can expand these opportunities by allowing them to use a studio with sets and develop a mentor program with local professionals.

Well, the first production has been using the studio the last two weeks and while short (under 10 minutes I am told), it is about students filming on an unfinished starship set! Pasha and I have been meeting about how we go about making the program a high school version of Georgia Film Academy.  And we have our first few professionals already interested in being part of the program.

We will keep you all posted as the program progresses!



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  • […] Filming starts at OWC Studios! […]

  • Mark Mazz says:

    This is a brilliant development!
    Anyone who has been in entertainment will tell you that every project has two components. The first is the project itself which requires a crew of talented individuals that can make it come to fruition. That’s the main goal, and those talented participants immensely affect what the end product can become.

    But how did they become TALENTED in the first place?
    There is no substitute for working with young, enthusiastic beginners who give their all to make their current experience count. That’s how they become the professionals we all desire to work alongside. Sure, there are bumps, humorous misunderstanding, and ridiculous reasons that move these beginners along. This second component is what makes it worthwhile, because without an OPPORTUNITY they’ll never get the experience.

    Giving them that opportunity is the empitome of STARFLEET!

    I salute Alec, Pasha and the Gwinnett County High School video production program for doing this. It’s Grand!

  • Man what a fantastic opportunity for all parties involved! Very cool of the team to reach out and coordinate stuff with the students!!! Awesome!

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