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End of Year Fulfillment Update

By December 30, 2014 April 29th, 2016 Donors, Fundraising & Fulfillment

End-of-the-Year Update from FULFILLMENT HQ… for ALL DONORS!

It’s been a fabulous year, hasn’t it? A major–and AMAZING project, if we do say so, ourselves(!!) –in the can… another (even-MORE AWESOME one) currently in pre-production… and two fantastic Kickstarters (many thanks, dear donors) to help fund said projects, in various stages of completion. So, that makes this the perfect moment for a status update.


Although the final date for the media (soundtrack CDs, and DVDs and Blu-rays) has been pushed back a few times–due to our work schedules and other things outside our control–it looks like we’re on track to have these items in hand sometime between late-January and mid-February… which means shipping of media to U.S. donors of the original “Prelude to Axanar” KS can commence, and shipping of ALL perks to our international AND retroactive (late-comers) package donors will be happening then. Likewise, if you are a donor at a digital-only level, you will have access to the special digital download of the short film at that time. (The ONLY exception to perks package items being shipped then are the tunics, for which production is still a few months out.)


Although all of you (no matter if you’re in the U.S. or abroad) still have several months to wait before you’ll be receiving your perks for the “Axanar” KS, which will be shipping once complete to EVERYONE, this time, never fear: we’re always working… at making the very best film for you, and at coming up with fun/cool/awesome new things to show you.


Donor store orders are shipped once complete, meaning when all items within an order are ready to be packaged/shipped out together. (The exceptions are those items that must ship by themselves due to special shipping constraints, such as over-sized posters or the handle-with-EXTRA-care busts and models.) This week, I’ll be shipping out the beautiful “These Are the Voyages” books… and very soon, the fantastic Ares model kits! (Kharn busts will still be another couple of weeks out, as special nameplates are currently being made.)

So, that’s where we are with fulfillment/shipping. Pretty exciting, huh? I know I’m stoked.

Live Long and Prosper, friends… and remember to Be Nice, to Yourselves, and to One Another.

For support issues, please reach out to me at: support@axanar productions.com

Diana Kingsbury

Director of Fulfillment/Co-Producer


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  • Great project. I Just know about it. Thanks for a good job. Videos look really good. Congratz.
    Gran trabajo. Acabo de descubrirlos. Gracias por el trabajo con esta novela. Los videos de la serie o novela se ven realmente bien. Felicitaciones.

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