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Axanar Donor Update – May 2017

May 5, 2017

Dear Friends, Fans and Donors:

So as we finally moved out of Industry Studios and begun a new era in Atlanta, we thought it would be helpful to explain how we’re planning to move forward.  It is important to remember that no one is either getting paid or working full time on Axanar. We have and will continue to put in an enormous amount of work on this project, and we want to take a moment and make sure everyone is kept abreast of our plans.


First and foremost, after this weekend, we will be back to writing the script for the two 15 minute episodes permitted under our settlement agreement.  We hope to have these done by the end of May.

I have already met with the make-up and VFX teams that will be involved in making episodes IV and V of The Four Years War.

Rob is now situated in a new edit bay, finishing his latest feature film project titled “Tango Shalom” (with the great Joseph Bologna and his talented son, Gabe, the film’s director). When Rob is finished delivering that feature, he will finish work on “Origins”, the first Axanar documentary.


Finishing Axanar and delivering all the perks to our backers is our top priority moving forward.  The production company that we set up to produce Axanar – Axanar Productions – is focused solely on these two goals.

Once this has been accomplished, Axanar Productions will close down, having finished its mission.  Any other work Rob, Diana or I do will be outside the purview of Axanar Productions.


Industry Studios is now in the trusty hands of its landlord, Dan Luh.

Axanar Productions currently has one small office there – manned by Diana Kingsbury and Jarrod Hunt – who are acting as stage managers.  Axanar Productions has no further liability for the lease of this space, but it will be made available to us to shoot our two 15 minute episodes (assuming a big production doesn’t rent it out when we need it!).


The Axanar sets have been transferred to a new company, Rocketworx, which is the lessor of the new studio space in Lawrenceville. Rocketworx is a production company focused on making great genre content and will preserve the sets built for Axanar and make them available for any fan film or film production that wants to use them.


One of the big changes we are making, in order to keep Axanar alive and thriving into the future, is to turn over as much of it as we can to fans.  This includes the running of the Axanar Fan Group, Facebook page and Twitter (and Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr if anyone is interested).

A wise fan once told me: “Axanar is a movement” and that is true.  Axanar is about the love for a vision of Star Trek that embraces Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future and a Star Trek that adheres to the aspects of that vision that made us all fall in love with it.

That enthusiasm and passion for Star Trek – and for Axanar – is not exclusively ours. We just created a film that many fans feel captures those aspects we love. We want fans to help carry the banner of Axanar and what it represents into our shared future.

So while you won’t be able to get Axanar merchandise from us anymore, or have us create any more of the Axanar story beyond our two, 15-minute episodes, we want Axanar to thrive in the fan community that has embraced it.  This will be a process that evolves over the next few months, and we hope you all will join in that conversation on the Axanar Fan Page on Facebook to help bring it to life.

Axanar has been the highlight of a 50-year love affair with Star Trek for me, and I want to make sure its next chapters are not its last.

That will depend on you!  We thank you all for your amazing support so far and we look forward to the journey ahead.

Live Long and Prosper,

Alec Peters
Axanar Productions


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  • J robinson says:

    Very sad news that only 2 15 min chapters will be finished. i was really hoping to see the entire story not just pieces. with cbs’s stiffleing of the fans. their repeated mishandling of discovery and the franchise, i fear cbs will kill a wonderful idea purely for greed and profit. Just like so many other things in the world today they are making the future look very bleak and not at all what gene invisioned. sooo sad that making a buck has become more important than the idea or the fans. Im sure gene is looking down and not at all happy with what is being done to his baby.

    • Bcl1 says:

      Perhaps we should boycott the next official Star Trek film.

      • Shawn says:

        I sort of already did. I only got the last ST because it was on special, if I remember. I was surprised at it’s quality. Not great, but adult. I got sick of the previous two movies looking like the highschool jocks and cheer leading squad go to space. I’ve said it before. Even with the less than stellar scifi stuff in the first series, and especially in STNG, DS9, Voyager, movies…they all had officers you could take seriously as professional officers. Who could take the new Kirk seriously? Or any of them? Their best bet, quit kidifying ST.

      • Joseph Harney says:

        Yes you should boycott it. . Also do NOT pay CBS to See their new Star Trek. They are only going to milk the fans. Why not milk the other shows they have? They can’t. Why ? No Fan base.

  • Amil S. Boddie-Willis says:

    This is some good news, Alec – I’m happy to hear this, really I am… P 🙂

  • Chris Gibson says:

    How exciting! Go Alec – we are with you! We live in Georgia and love AXANAR. I tell everyone about it.

    My father passed away last week and a die-hard Star Trek fan (and old friend) came to visitation. I asked if he had seen AXANAR and he had not. I told him all about it – including that in my opinion it is Star Trek at it’s very best!

    Enjoy this awesome time of bringing your vision to your dedicated fans.

    Best Wishes,

    • Alec Peters says:

      Thank you for the support! And our condolences on the passing of your father. May he be sharing a TV with the Great Bird of the Galaxy!

      • Will Wright says:

        I could NOT be happier for you that this is happening and will come to pass. I wish I could have contributed the $$$ I wanted to give in my heart to help you see your dream project materialize ( you see what I did there? ) – but last year I became sustained a leg injury and not only was out of work – but spent many a week in the hospital – in Augusta, GA -recovering through just this past March. I will say I would love to see other Star Trek 15min “shorts” produced by you and your creative team in the future – once you complete the AXANAR production. Maybe someday then…..

  • […] anyone who listened to Axanar Podcast #41 last December, you’re already aware that OWC Digital (OWC stands for Other World Computing) […]

  • Chris Butcher says:

    I am glad that Axanar is going to be open source and that fans will have some control over it. Despite all the crap that has gone on: the lawsuit, the delays, the death of Richard Hatch, etc., I still believe that Axanar is one of the best Star Trek stories to ever be written. I love the vision and beauty of the people whow are involved and I’m more than happy to have donated to help bring this story to life.

    CBS has earned my unending disdain for the way in which they handled this. The shareholders ought to replace Mr. Moonves with someone who actually understands Star Trek, because the network is leaving tons of cash on the table, and he has failed in his fiduciary duties to the company and the shareholders.

    Ad Astra Axanar! Alec and team Rocketworx: we’re really looking forward to seeing what you can do!

    • Andrew says:

      Absoulutly persicuting the Fanbase for what! HOW MUCH WILL THEY NOW LOOSE IN A WORLD WERE THE FANS WOULD HAVE SOAKED UP ALL DECENT CBS AND FAN PRODUCTIONS AT NO LOSS TO CBS/PARAMOUNT! fan productions = happy fans = Fans staying interested and buying youre new series.

      Unhappy fans = lost profit and death of youre buisness SOOO STUPID!

      • J robinson says:

        I hope cbs’s short sightedness and greed is the final nail in their coffin. They should have taken a hint from the federation and welcomed all into the fold instead of fighting over profit like a bunch of ferengi. Gene would be disgusted.

    • J robinson says:

      Cbs can eat a bag of dicks the are destroying discovery and the star trek name with it. It will be a cold day in hell before i get all access just for one show. I will wait for video or netflix to watch it. As a fan lifelong fan i hope its not a total trainwreak but im not holding my breath

  • Jayme Webster says:

    This is disheartening, renegades is going forward with a 90 min movie that violates the standards pramount/CBS bound you to. Star trek continues is still making episodes. I feel as if axanar has been screwed royally and you are rolling over

  • Andrew says:

    I was play testing the new Star Trek RPG, Now I and my freinds after 45 years as fans of star Trek have dropped it and returned to the Classic Fasa Rpg (From whence the Four years war springs and Laughably for Paramount who have scuttled a project that was not current Canon).

    Sad I loved the Alt universe Fasa Presented and still do, I will certainly be Boycotting all new CBS/Paramont productions as will most of my freinds online or otherwise.

    A sad sad day for the fans.

  • Victor Light says:

    Why not make a 15 minute segment called something like “Aftermath”, dealing with the formation of the Neutral Zone? Just because one could watch Prelude, the two 15 min. segments, and Aftermath back to back is neither here nor there……………

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