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CBS and Axanar


On Tuesday, Dec. 29th, CBS filed a lawsuit against Axanar for Copyright Infringement.  Here is our official statement on the lawsuit:


December 30, 2015

This morning, I was greeted with news that our production company, Axanar Productions and I, personally, am being sued by CBS Studios, Inc. and Paramount Pictures Corporation for copyright infringement of Star Trek.

First of all, I was disappointed to learn about this through an article in an industry trade. For several years, I’ve worked with a number of people at CBS on Star Trek-related projects, and I would have hoped those personal relationships would have warranted a phone call in advance of the filing of a legal complaint. Nevertheless, I know I speak for everyone at Axanar Productions when I say it is our hope that this can be worked out in a fair and amicable manner.

Axanar is a fan film. Fan films – whether related to Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Power Rangers, Batman or any other franchise – are labors of love that keep fans engaged, entertained, and keep favorite characters alive in the hearts of fans. Like other current fan films, AXANAR entered production based on a very long history and relationship between fandom and studios. We’re not doing anything new here.

Like all fan films, AXANAR is a love letter to a beloved franchise. For nearly 50 years, Star Trek’s devotees have been creating new Star Trek stories to share with fellow fans. That’s all we’re trying to do here.

Since the original Star Trek TV series, when the letter writing campaign by fans got NBC to greenlight a third season of Star Trek, fan support has been critical to the success of the franchise. It is the Star Trek fans themselves who are most affected here, for by suing Axanar Productions to stop making our movie and collect so-called damages, CBS and Paramount are suing the very people who have enthusiastically maintained the universe created by Gene Roddenberry so many years ago.

The fact that many of the fans involved with Axanar Productions are also industry professionals speaks volumes to the influence of Star Trek in the entertainment industry. Not surprisingly, these fans want to give something back. We’re very proud that the work we’ve done to date looks so good. That is also a reflection of the devotion of Star Trek’s fans.

Like everything related to Axanar Productions, we take this matter very seriously and remain open to discussing solutions with all parties that can be mutually beneficial.

Alec Peters


A lot of fans expressed their support and to all of you, THANK YOU.  It means a lot to us. But don’t worry, we have a great attitude and I was on the phone with one of the top Intellectual Property law firms in the US discussing taking on Axanar Productions on a pro-bono basis.  I can say they were quite interested in representing us as they knew about the law suit and had already decided that this was going to be a very high profile case that could shape intellectual property law for the entertainment industry.

Nothing has changed here at Axanar.  We are moving forward!

Alec Peters

Executive Producer

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  • Michael HIll says:

    I am glad things are moving forward. At the same time, I can only hope Axanar and CBS can come to some sort of agreement for the fan’s sake.

    I know Star Trek is CBS’s IP (note that I have nothing against CBS), but at the same time, I’m wondering why they started the lawsuit when they knew of the existence of the project for a long while. I’ve read the lawsuit, but I can’t really comment the subject matter. I don’t know enough about the IP laws when it pertains to a non-profit situation and don’t know have all the information on what’s going on behind the scenes.

    I only hope that everything works out in the end…

    …for the fans.

    • Henry C Eggleton says:

      Hope this is settled amicably from here it looks like someone saw the budget and the quality and decided it was better than that which they were producing . Some accountant no doubt still let’s talk talk rather than war war

    • Jayme D Webster. Fan since 66 says:

      Why aren’t they suing all the other productions like renegades as well as others

  • Edward Cox says:


    Chin up, sensors and shields up, I and countless tens of thousands are with you and Axanar. Perhaps they will see the light and turn into allies on this project and a series about the war will evolve with studio support. We are here in total support….

  • …well, i hope u don’t have to fight it …i hope u can settle it in a way that makes EVERYONE HAPPY! =)

    …good luck! 😉

  • JimG says:

    I admit, I only learned of this fan production after reading about the lawsuit (thank you, CBS). I FULLY support your production and fan film – beyond the fact it looks wonderfully professional. More films in the future should be made this way. Toward that end, if you find you need to show fan solidarity – I would be up for boycotting major production company movies for the companies that try to destroy fan made films. This might be the only money-speaks moviegoer-union they listen to. Keep up the good work – and try to work it out first, of course. After all, it is the Federation – talking has to do something beyond bore watchers.

  • Brad Page says:

    What a bummer. You should take to the press and get some national attention going.

  • Brad Page says:

    Good luck with this. I hope you are able to continue your labor of love. It would be a shame to see so much creativity squashed because of it.

  • Michael says:

    This is great news that a top Intellectual Property law firm is interested in taking on Axanar Productions on a pro-bono basis. Think of all the free publicity you will be getting because of CBS/Paramount childish tantrum. Of all the ways they could have gone with this they took the advise of the “Bean Counters” instead of talking to you first to work it out. I agree that this could become a high profile case that could shape intellectual property law for the entertainment industry. Are we watching history in the making? So Star Trek.

    Live Long & Prosper from the UK

  • Adam Buckner says:

    Is there a link to or copy that can be shared as to what CBS & Paramount specifically feel is the issue? Is it the budget for Axanar? Or some other issue? I’m aware that there is the need to be seen actively defending one’s copyright, but I assume that Axanar productions has been clear who the copyright owner is… Why are their knickers in a twist (or in American: their undies in a bunch)?

  • Marcase says:

    I was confused when I first heard of this, as I understood that CBS/Paramount were not only aware of Axanar, but also not opposing the project or have any issue with it from the start and during the current production run.

    I guess you could call it a badge of honor, as Axanar is now being seen as a ‘real’ feature by The Industry, even being a non-profit/fan production.

    To the entire Axanar crew, my best wishes for the new year !

  • Michael MacAllister says:

    Perhaps after seeing the quality of this project they are now worried this movie might highjack a lot of Star Trek fans from the ‘JJ Abrams rebooted Star Trek universe’. I think it is save to say that the majority of Star Trek fans don’t like JJ Abrams approach very much. I know I don’t and I can’t wait for Axanar to be made.

  • Thomas says:

    Is there any petition we fans can sign to express our disappointment with CBS and Paramount? You are so right, Alec, that they are hurting the very fans and supporters of Star Trek that allow them to make considerable profit. Let’s hope logic prevails and that the added publicity is good for you.

  • Jeff Place says:

    The one good thing about the lawsuit is that it got word out about your production. Your group of supporters has grown exponentially since the story hit CNN. Prelude is an amazing piece of work!

    As an attorney, I find the non-profit aspect interesting as well. So long as no one is profiting from the film, it seems to me you may have a good defense. That said, I’m not an IP lawyer, so I can’t give a legal opinion. I’m glad there are firms out there willing to consider taking the case on a pro bono basis. We aren’t all heartless sharks! I wish you the very best.

  • David Hames says:

    Let me begin by saying that Star Trek is a part of my life. Not just entertainment, but defines who I am as a person. The values, and moral issues that Star Trek has always taught (up until the JJ Abrams films) holds a dear place in my heart. I am 41 years old, and for the first time, this new film called Axanar has brought more excitement and energy to me since Enterprise went off of the air. For the first time in years, Axanar is the closest thing to a good Star Trek film in a very long time. Even though this is considered a fan/independent film, it looks as good as a big budget film. If CBS/Paramount winds up putting an end to this project, I want CBS and Paramount to know that I will never have anything to do with Star Trek ever again. This is very hurtful to hear this news, and I want Alec Peters and everyone involved with this project to keep your heads tall, and I wish every one of you the best of luck during this period.

    • David Backhouse says:

      “For the first time in years, Axanar is the closest thing to a good Star Trek film in a very long time”
      And that, most likely, is the crux of the matter.

  • kevin says:

    I have to say, after seeing the 20 minute teaser that left me dribbling at the mouth with anticipation I am fairly gob smacked that Para & CBS have decided to stick their fingers out to say basically – we want a piece of this pie.
    Reason I feel this may have turned their heads towards this
    (1) some fairly loved SCI FI stars are on board with it for a start that have all been associated with shows that did well.
    (2) Extremely high production values and goals that are obviously putting a very polished item together that should and has generated a buzz world wide thanks to the internet and the fans, putting their noses out of joint.
    Is it that with the pending new TV show that both are collaborating on for next year they see Axanar as a real threat and would make their on the board offering dull in comparison?
    My question that if I was on the raw end of the stick is why have they not over the years gone after the likes of James Crawley and his Phase 2 project (been out there for all to see for 10 years or abouts), or New Voyages etc who also have produced fan based projects or even slapped Tim Russ (Renegades) with a noticed too?
    At the end of the day both studios should realise that A fan or even those like myself who is not an out and out Trekkie (I’d have a gold shirt if I was 🙂 ) but still loves watching anything to do with STAR TREK, would not take away either their financial gains or cu do’s for what was produced by them as it gets watched no matter what. They are after all the ones that shut it all down with the ending of Enterprise (Stupid move) and do not realise that it is the fan based stuff be it book game or fan film or show that has truly kept the franchise alive and there for yet another generation and crack of the whip.
    Suggest that the maybe collaborate in the sense of helping nurture this and even bringing it to the point in the future where – like Chicago PD – Fire & Med or the stargate shows have a huge crossover type scenario?
    Anyway enough, or you’ll give me a red shirt and get me shot – eaten or spaced.
    Good luck and hope that all ends well with this as I hope with fingers crossed they don’t get to squash this as it’s got some of the best promise since Enterprise, as David Hames says, keep your heads tall.

  • Oldcode says:

    I’m really glad to hear you’re going to fight this. CBS is just being a bully because you guys can do something they probably can’t. Please keep fighting and if I can afford to donate more than I have, I will.

    Live long and kick ass!!!!!

  • David Backhouse says:

    Well. We are here at the start of Trek’s 50th Anniversary and I can only assume that in this particular year CBS don’t want anything other than “official” Trek to be in the public eye. There’s the third and final film of Abrahams’ God-awful reboot due and a “disclosure” announcement of a brand-new Television series, and that means everyone else can go to hell regardless of whether any money is being made or not.
    CBS are just greedy, selfish b*st*rds who are more than happy for others to keep their Trek Franchise alive (note the word “their”) during the “wilderness years”, but as soon as they start gearing up for a new show with massive publicity, they show their true colours.
    Maybe they’re just worried that Axanar is looking TOO good and may put their own proposed TV show to shame, or maybe the era in which the new show is to be set IS the Axanar era….

  • Graham Davidson says:

    I have supported a number of projects through kickstarter and whilst in general many work out well for developers and supporters who receive something new to the market before others, occasionally some do not. I sincerely hope that yours is not one that goes on the failure pile, it is not the small amount of money I would lose but the hard work you and your team have put in to get as far as you have done. All the best for the future and please whatever happens keep us in the loop, there is nothing more frustrating than knowing something is going wrong but not knowing the facts. I supported the Zano drone project which has recently and spectacularly gone south. Backers found out at the last moment and it became very acrimonious.

  • Stcey Harrison says:

    I hope that CBS and Axanar can work something out! The production so is very good and very professional, and I like others feel this is the reason for the suit!

  • Memory prime says:

    I suggest you try and get as much press as you can and even consider a new kickstarter to raise more money for a sequel to Axanar!! This move by CBS is going to backfire big time for them and for all future fan film/media production work. As the quality of fan entertainment productions begins to rival the “pros” it is going to materially crush margins and profits for mass production media conglomerates as it democratizes mass media. This is the future. You are leading the charge! Never give up and fight to win not just for Axanar, not just for Star Trek but for future non profit labors of love for ideas of fiction like Axanar! You are the future. CBS is the past and they know it!

  • Derek Ho says:

    Best of luck with this. I was afraid of something like this when I read CBS’ announcement of a new TV venture. I hope it will be better than Vermin and Braggart’s last 2 series and the Abrams reboot. I have been very pleased with what I’ve seen of Axanar and I would have hoped CBS would look at Axanar as something that kept fan appetites going.

    I think CBS has a very long road on this given the long history of allowing and even supporting fan films (many of which have been better written than the official productions).

  • Robert Kreutzer says:

    Even a BRIEF glance at YouTube titles reveals that there are thousands or tens-of-thousands (or perhaps more) fan-films being made as “not for profit” projects involving Star Trek, Star Wars, various super-heroes, etc. Not that I want to draw CBS’s attention to other projects so that they can be sued, but there are other Star Trek fan-made films, even films staring cast members of all of the previous Star Trek series that have been in existence for years. Star Trek New Voyages, Star Trek Continues, Star Trek Phase II, Star Trek: Renegades…the list goes on. All are of exceptional quality, make full use of the Star Trek universe, use the characters created for the series, and, as I said, even star the actors and actresses who appeared in the series when it was in production. If CBS and Paramount had a problem with any of this, then they should have taken action a long time ago. Aside from a brilliant idea/story and amazing production values, Star Trek: Axanar is doing nothing that hasn’t been done – repeatedly – by fans for years with no complaint from the studio.

    The behavior of CBS and Paramount on this matter is outrageous, and stupid. Anything that keeps fans interested in Star Trek ENRICHES the value of the intellectual property. There’s no such thing as bad publicity – as the saying goes. Paramount is even now trying to create a new series on their pay-per-view network which is something that they will NEED fans to support. Instead of attacking and suing the Axanar production, CBS/Paramount should be thanking them, supporting them and even HIRING them to produce more Star Trek related films.

    To say that I am angry and disappointed at the behavior of CBS and Paramount is a VAST understatement. I am no fan of either company, nor have I been a fan of the recent motion pictures. The fan-films being made are far better in spirit and far more interesting to me. I’d happily pay to see them. I’ve contributed financially to support them. If CBS/Paramount had a lick of sense, they’d be supporting these labors of love and PROFITING from them.

  • Timothy Heater says:

    I fear CBS sees a product better than they can imagine making. (I used to work for them.) We fans may have to let this corporation know that we will NOT be subscribers to their streaming scheme should the lawsuit continue

  • Markd says:

    Sorry to be a “wet blanket”, but as my dad said, “Attorneys aren’t good at solving much, but they are very good at stopping things.” If this goes to court, the deeper pockets will wrangle on for years, and the project will wither and die. Your best course of action is probably putting everything out into the public “court of opinion” – and letting CBS know that this project is not going to die silently. Try to get as much negative press on the bullies at CBS as possible. Dollars are the only things that corporations really understand, and if they see that this is going to cost them a heck of a lot more than some hours of attorney fees, they might back off.
    That’s my 2 cents…

  • Miriam Ruff says:

    I backed “Axanar” based on the production quality I saw in “Prelude to Axanar,” which was far better, I think, than some of the studio-made films. I think CBS is running scared because they, too, see that quality, and feel that perhaps they cannot fulfill the fans’ needs in the same way. We are all fans. We want to see quality Star Trek being produced. As a writer and filmmaker myself, I do understand the importance of copyright infringement, but CBS is missing the point, looking only at the bottom line and not at what the fans want and need from a franchise they helped build over the past 50 years.

  • Dennis Richards says:

    The behaviour and attitude of CBS and Paramount is nothing less than disgusting. If anyone at either organisation had a brain they would be supporting Axanar and bringing it into the fold, warmly welcoming what is promising to be one of the best , if not the best Star Trek story in the history of the franchise. A pox on them and may their testicles turn green and drop off, unless, of course, the people involved are women in which case same sentiment but addressed to their labias.

  • Mimi Greenberg-Boby says:

    As far as I’m concerned, CBS and Paramount are jealous of your success. There a lot of Star Trek fans that will stop watching their shows & buying tickets to their movies. I’m one of them. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see the finished product that we all have backed.

  • Michael MacAllister says:

    A lot of angry voices here. I’m not entirely ready to declare war on Paramount/CBS just yet. I am still hopeful that something really good could come of this, as outlined by David Gerrold and others. The studio, after all, is in this to make money.

  • Mimi Greenberg-Boby says:

    We have watched your quality production grow with our backing and are proud to be a part of this. The unconscionable actions of CBS and Paramount are, in my opinion, from jealousy that they did not create Axanar themselves. They are so greedy that they want a part of this wonderful fan backed film.
    There are things I want to say about them in frustration that can’t be expressed incase there are young people that are reading this. Keep doing what you are doing & I know you will win!!!

  • Juan Zaratiegui Biurrun says:

    I just tweeted to @ParamountPics how pissed I am. Everybody should do the same.

  • Dr. Geoff says:

    It’s pretty clear from what you’ve disclosed, Alec, that someone in Legal at CBS managed to sell to the Board that some form of IP infringement is going on, which is or will cause irreparable financial harm.
    I’m not a lawyer, but I have worked for a government in policy and I work for an energy company in policy now.
    With the suit having been filed, the only good news is that the burden of proof is on them, and they cannot prove it.
    From experience, I think this is going to take a lot of careful and skillful negotiation, some very good lawerying, and possibly some form of compromise to resolve. What that would be I cannot fathom, and I do not have any particulars nor the skill set to make the judgement.
    What I do know is that I am a beloved fan of the franchise. I am a child of the sixties and grew up staying up at 6, 7 and 8 years old till 8:00 PM on Tuesday nights to watch it. I got my Star Trek lunch box and I got my “The Making of Star Trek” by David Gerrold.
    I grew up loving the series, and loving the movies (most of them) and never being able to get enough.
    That’s what being a fan, even now in middle age, when I am just as much a Trekkie (if not more; now I have a lot more expendable income) now as I was then. Maybe more.
    That’s why I am supporting Axanar and you, Alec, and Ares, and all things Star Trek – okay, well I’m not too fond of J.J. ‘s interpretations, and I think CBS is being a bunch of bullies.
    I have a very strong sense of fairness and fair play, and I HATE being used and abused, and that is what I feel CBS is doing. If some corporate staff attorney came up with this hair-brained scheme to keep their job or justify their meaningless existence – well I hate work for work’s sake.
    I guess what it comes down to is “you can’t take the skies from me” and you can’t take the love of Star Trek from me, and the only thing that can come of this suit is a huge firetrucking waste of time, energy and money.
    So I abhor what CBS is doing; I was already pretty pissed at them deciding to hold fans for ransom with their pay subscription scheme. Seems to me a lot like blood money or just out and out extortion – or worse.
    No matter what, I’ll still be a fan and still support my right to love this work and the Star Trek universe and all that entails. I wish I could say, “do you feel lucky? Go ahead, CBS, Make My Day!”
    But alas, that is the way of the nation-state and the multi-billion dollar corporations.
    So for now I’ll just close with, I believe in you Alec, I believe in Axanar and Ares and I hope and I pray that this all comes to a resolution soon so that you can go on and pursue your dream of making Axanar.

  • Martyn Brewer says:

    As a Star Trek fan and backer of this production I am at once shocked and disappointed at the action by CBS. However I am encouraged by your response that an amicable solution can be reached, providing that CBS can see that this production will benefit all of us in the long term.

    Live long and prosper

  • Tom Frazer says:

    If I understand the timeline(s) right, Axanar should take place BEFORE the split, making it part of both universes. Which means JJ Abrams/whomever, could even reference it as part of history and Kirk could still have learned it in the academy.
    Really don’t get why CBS has started this now. I’ve watched Star Trek in all it’s incarnations since the sixties and even if it was competing with the new universe I think fans could keep it separate.
    Hopefully this gets worked out.
    … delay the download and Disc releases until after they run it in the theaters?

    • Alec Peters says:

      Axanar takes place in 2245, 12 years after the Narada incident that created two universes. Axanar takes place firmly in the Prime timeline.

  • Ronald O'Loughlin says:

    I just read your news on this and the comments.I agree that CBS/Paramount finally woke up and saw Axanar on their sensors. Considering their poor quality product they now are concerned that this fan based product is better than theirs.
    Also they are being short sighted. Projects like this only keeps their franchise in everyone’s attention. Finally I would think about another Kickstarter to fund any legal cost. Even though you may get legal help on a pro bono base as you state. Doing a Kickstarter for this purpose could send a strong signal to CBS/Paramount. That fans are will to fund a legal battle against them. Which wouldn’t reflect well as a business whose customers are willing to fight them. Bad press etc.

  • James Hall says:

    I am (still) very excited to see this movie finished. I cannot understand why CBS have taken this stance other than this movie is a (judging by the prelude) will be a very professional and well polished product. I am with you guys 100% and if there is a way that I (and all your supporters) can help, I am sure we will do our best to help!!!

  • Ted Slezak says:

    What I believe this is really about is that this production demonstrates fan funding can succeed at a level equal to or better than the studios efforts. That the tight fisted control studios have enjoyed for decades is potentially in jeopardy because of fan funding.
    J.J. Abrams vision of Star Trek doesn’t honor Gene Roddenberry’s creation. The traditional fans base is pushing back against that by funding Axanar. This has to have the studio concerned and nervous. But filing suit against Axanar Productions isn’t going to help CBS/Paramount’s image with the fans.
    Rather than filing suit, maybe it’s time for CBS/Paramount to take a step back and rethink what they’ve done with Star Trek.

    Thanks, Axanar Productions for keeping Gene Roddenberry’s vision and spirit of Star Trek alive and honoring that vision.

  • Paul Welsh says:

    Hi Alec: Like you, Axanar Productions and all the fan base, I was very disappointed in CBS ‘s decision in bringing this lawsuit to your door. As a supporter and fan, It is my hope that there will be a fair and amicable solution to this. It is my hope that Axanar can be completed. Keep up the good work. Also as a fan I want to let you know if CBS continues to push the lawsuit against Axanar that I will put them on notice that I will boycott their next Star Trek Movie. I feel that there will be a lot more Star Trek Fans that will feel the same way as well. Axanar , Star Trek New Voyages and Renegades are a lot closer to Genes vision of what Star Trek should be all about then J J Abrams ever thought of having. JJ Abrams does not have much of Genes vision at all. There is too much greed with these big studios and they have historically not listened to the fan base. It is my hope that the fans will come to the rescue and with their wrath we all will put CBS in their place at Warp Speed. Yours truly, Paul.

  • caryl parker says:

    I chose to contribute to “Axanar” because I recognized the quality of the production and the actors. I do not want this effort to be for naught! The more Star Trek, the better, I say and anything that explores the greater Star Trek universe must be allowed to continue. Phasers on stun! caryl

  • Todd Milner says:

    When I’d read about CBS’ new SAR TREK series I had made the comment that they must have noticed the huge interest in AXANAR. Right down to the level that they had noticed the fans would even finance/subsidize it. And I had looked forward to seeing what they would turn out. But if they remain on this track against AXANAR a snowball has a better chance in hell than they have of me even considering tossing them a dime. To come after us in our private, non-profit, love of the concept/story is unconscionable. To come after the very people who have supported them for years only goes to prove the sentiment in the old joke “What do you call a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?……..”

  • Peter Atkin says:

    I will not be supporting CBS’s Star Trek films any longer, while is a drop in the ocean many drops make an ocean, I am also a backer to this fantastic endeavor and you have my full support.

  • Gregory W says:

    Napoleon said “God favors the bigger battalions” and in this case that means CBS has a temporary legal advantage if they want to try and stop production–but only at the cost of alienating their fan base–including me! Axanar has no funds except what we fans have contributed–so in a sense CBS is taking legal action against Star Trek fandom! Why you would sue your customer base is beyond me, but I believe this is the Axanar’s team best defense. Make this a case of CBS vs Star Trek fans, not CBS vs Axanar, and they will have to back down. Some lazy guy in a corner office at CBS is likely bucking for a promotion, so this is the result. Once the Board of Directors realizes that they will actually lose fan support which translates into lost market position for their franchise, they will back down. And hopefully that lazy guy in the corner office–whoever he is–will get canned!

  • Manuele says:

    Let’s be honest: the franchise is agonizing. Only the love of the fans and the commitment of all those keep producing fan films keeps it alive. For sure not the “diversion” of the last two movies, light-years far from the original Roddenberry creation. As someone else already said CBS should see an opportunity here and start a series based on the 4 years war… but perhaps an act of love towards the fans is still to far from the logic of the Majors.
    There are several other fan film in the Universe of Star Trek and all share the love for the franchise, CBS should understand that if Star Trek still makes money for them is mostly for the existence of so many enthusiasts that are keeping it alive…

  • Jim says:

    CBS/Paramount doesn’t produce the JJ Abrams films for the Trek fans. If they were, they wouldn’t have taken the franchise in the direction they did. Nor will they produce the new TV series, whatever they will be like, for the Trek fans.
    The target audience for all of these is the vast masses of moviegoers and TV channel zappers — people who perhaps have seen three episodes of Star Trek in their lives, but couldn’t really say which series these were from, and don’t really care. But they, or their girlfriends, do like to ogle at Benedict Cumberbatch.
    In comparison to this audience, we Trek fans, many though we are, still are little more than a drop in the Atlantic. Any boycott or other action we may take will have such a negligible impact on the studio’s revenue stream that it is probably not even going to be measurable.

    Therefore, this uproar needs to become much bigger. We fans may hiss and boo at the studio all we like, but as long as it is just our own mutual admiration society doing it internally, absolutely nothing will come out of it.
    However, if we can engage those aforementioned masses, and get them to react adversely to what CBS/Paramount is doing, then …well, then we’re cooking with replicator!

  • Gernot says:

    I was so electrified when I saw trailers of Axanar – and I was shocked by this bad news.
    I have learned from this “you can do lots of fan films unless they don’t look to professional”.
    And better you don’t involve not to many actors from this or other series/franchises.
    Keep my fingers crossed to see your baby walking some day!

  • Anthony says:

    Sorry for your joint and several troubles. When the attorneys get involved, things get invariably sucktastic.

    I truly hope you are able to navigate through CBS/Paramount’s minefield and get Axanar made. It has all the makings of a great production – strong performers, a compelling story, great action and greater production values.

    One of the reasons I think Axanar has struck a chord with the fans that the JJverse has not, so much, is that Axanar is by and for the Trekkers. The JJverse is directed toward a broader mass audience. (And no, I’m not a hater of the Abrams films – although the idea of flash-frying Kirk straight out of the Academy and into the captain’s chair, simply to tell a simplistic story in two hours, is so lowest-common-denominator as to insult everyone else’s intelligence.) Perhaps that might be a “point of differentiation” that might convince CBS to let this one go – Axanar won’t take away from the market share of the JJverse or whatever else they’re cooking up in a similar vein.

  • Andrew L says:

    Its a real shame CBS have taken this attitude towards the Fans, such actions by big companies can likely kill a franchise, its sadly also related to lobby who have the attitude that all creativity in the Arts seems to have a price tag

    I have been a Trekkie for many years, I created a mass of free PC Gaming models for the Trek gaming community all free There still available around the WWW free to download if you still play the old games and there’s a very active Trek CGI and game modelling community,, does this mean CBS Plan to go after all the Gamers making TREK Based models?? sad if they did and the fasted way to kill your fan base.

    Trek only came back after TOS because the Fans kept it alive Maybe CBS needs to remember that fact, No Fans No Franchise!

    Keep up the Great work Alec.

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