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Captain’s Log – Vegas, 2015!

By August 11, 2015 Captain's Log

stlv15-mainHeaderThis past Wednesday – Sunday was the world famous Creation Las Vegas Star Trek convention.  Team Axanar could not be there officially since the con is an officially licensed Star Trek convention, but none the less, there were a lot of people who came up to us and told us how much they loved Axanar.  And over the next few days, we had a blast with all of our Star Trek friends who were there!

Vegas 2015.2

Vegas 2015.2 One of my very best friends, and the “mayor” of Masquerade Bar, Mike Nguyen!

Vegas 2015.3

Diana and Kathrin Bain!

Vegas 2015.4

Hot Toys style 12″ action figures from Moebius!

Vegas 2015.5

And the details!

Vegas 2015.6

Tracee Cocco has played 12 different aliens on Star Trek and is a HUGE Axanar fan!

Vegas 2015.7

My that’s a big drink!

Vegas 2015.8

Lord Garth (Chris Smith) with the original Garth costume

Vegas 2015.9

Teri Samuels and Diana Kingsbury show off Mirror Style!

Vegas 2015.10

Is that Diana with a knife to a Tribble? Truly Evil Universe Diana! What would Boomer say?

Vegas 2015.12

Diana on the transporter pad!

Vegas 2015.13

Rick Sternbach gets a private screening of Prelude to Axanar. He loved it!

Vegas 2015.14

Chris Smith shows off Lord Garth with an Ares patch!

Vegas 2015.15

Diana, Dean, Sherry, Carlos, Mike and Chris at the Masquerade Bar

Vegas 2015.16

Diana and Kathrin Bain

Propworx 6

Then there was Sunday’s Star Trek Auction!

Vegas 2015.1

The Propworx team back at action at Star Trek prop & costume auction.

Vegas 2015.17

Members of the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum.

Vegas 2015.19

The Con ended with the Star Trek Rat Pack show.  Armin Shimmerman, Jeffrey Combs, Casey Biggs, Vaughn Armstrong and Max Grodenchik.  This show was really good and I will not miss this again!

And George Takei mentioned us TWICE on stage!

Overall, a fantastic event.  Thanks to Creation for the con and all the Axanar fans who came up and thanked us for making Axanar.  You all were awesome and we love you all!


Join the discussion 5 Comments

  • John says:

    Ok just $477,000, and not even the 2nd level of extra cash was donated! So Mr. Peters what does that mean for the making of the film?! Will you do it in one, two, or three parts, or just film half now come back and ask for more cash. (I will be here if you need me! My cash is Axanar’s cash!). Pls let us all know soon so we can plain accordingly! AND THANX SO MUCH: Alec, Diana, Rob, ECT !!!!!!

    • Alexander says:

      As far as I know from the weekly podcast, Axanar will be shot in 4 acts. The first act is fully funded and will be shot as planned. Yes, for part 2-4, there will be other campaigns most likely. But with the money they have now, they will also try to shoot as much as possible, so for example, if there is a set that appears not only in act one, they’ll try to shoot all scenes in the whole feature film now, with the money they have. Wich basically means they are going to finish act one now, doing as much more as they can and have then, after that work is done, a much better idea of how much money they’ll need for the rest, wich may be a different amount from wich they estimated now.

  • Ben Willis says:


    Thanks for sharing all of the cool photos from the convention. I haven’t been to this Con in Vegas, your photos make me want to mark the calendar for next year!! I know I would make the “Masquerade Bar” (aka Quark’s) a definite point of indulgence!

    I hope Team Axanar had a blast!

  • T'Mar says:

    I wasn’t there but I will be on FCD 2016 in Telfort England on April the 1st to April the 3rd.

  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Great photos! Looking forward to DragonCon! Now, get some rest. 🙂 LLAP

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