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Captain’s Log – September 29th, 2015

By October 3, 2015 Captain's Log

Eric Henry’s “A” Frame concept.

Few things are as exciting on this production as seeing the amazing production art coming from your team.  Often, that is the work of Eric Henry.  Eric was the second artist to join the team and his work is nothing short of amazing.  The above concept for a revised “A” frame in the hallways is pure genius.  Especially the color palette. We all got excited about this.


Meanwhile, in Richard’s acting class, I worked with my scene partner Seth on the court room scene from A Few Good Men.  I got to play Colonel Jessup, Jack Nicholson’s part.  When doing a scene like this, you really have to jettison what you know from seeing the movie and make the part your own.  You have to find the character somewhere in you and build the relationship with the other character.  And for me, that was finding the right person that I could substitute for Lt. Kaffee (the Tom Cruise part).  Colonel Jessup has no respect for what he perceives as a light weight in Lt. Kaffee, who has never seen combat and yet dares to criticize Jessup.

Fortunately, it was easy to find someone who I feel just didn’t frakking get it.  Someone who didn’t do the work expected of him and then criticized me to cover his inadequacies.  That can get you riled up the right way.  Ultimately, I think I did a fair job in the first time we presented the scene.  I stumbled on my lines once or twice in the big speech, but that is less important than tapping into what I need to inside.  And I was pretty pleased with much of what I did.  We are doing this again Tuesday, and I hope to have Rob tape it to share with you all.

A healthy dinner

And at night Diana had a healthy meal to help with my training regime, which is two-a-day this week!  Diana knows how to make healthy meals that are yummy!



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  • Brian Heite says:

    Awesome job on the A frame, looks very real. Eric does some fantastic work. It captures the TOS style but is unique. As far as character goes, I had an acting instructor in high school who always was rough in his critiques, and his one main mantra was “become the character”, “feel the character” and “don’t pretend to be the character”. I took a severe beating playing Merlin in Camelot, as his critique was “Nice job for someone pretending to be someone else”. I thought I had done well, but he did teach you that you have to accept criticism as a learning tool, and not take it personally if you would ever hope to improve. Best advice that has lasted 35 years or so.

  • Bob says:

    I think doing the scene infront of a camera and playing it back can give you abit more of an idea how the character is reacting to the questioning. Would has been great to have seen that in your version of the court room scene

  • Bob says:

    As to the layout of the A frame yeah it does look cool. Stupid question with this A frame in the design of the internal of the Ares. In the case of a decompression of a deck does a emergency door drop down where the A frame is or should the A frame be doubled so a emergency drop down bulk head door comes between the double A frame. I know in Fasa it mention that in the early ships design that when a deck decompressed due to an explosion that in most cases it cause a domeno effect. With the force breaching each section, which caused a ship to quickly be dead in space.

  • Bob says:

    Ooopppsss noticed after the A frame the emergency blast door, with yellow and black chevron.

  • Duane Bruner says:

    Beautiful corridor and I hope you can video and share that clip.

  • Robert says:

    A-frame for Axanar…or Ares! Either way it’s an excellent design and I hope this motif becomes the standard for the the USS Ares interior. It also has a Babylon 5 vibe to it. This should be a piece of cake for the former B5 craftsmen on the production crew.

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