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Captain’s Log – September 26th, 2018

By September 25, 2018 January 10th, 2024 Captain's Log


Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

A bunch of little items for a Wednesday…

Facebook recently shared my photo from 2012 of the USS Ares (above).  It was one of the first images Tobias Richter produced and it is still one of the most striking.  When we started seeing these photos the ship had come to life.  It was real!  Amazing that it has been 6 years!

I picked up The Klingon Art of War in hardcover form a few years ago.  A great book, I love the parallels with Sun Tzu’s book The Art of War.  But what made this book special was that I got my dear friend Richard to sign it.  It is now a treasured part of my book collection.

Finally, the new CW DC super hero series Doom Patrol shoots in Atlanta and downtown Lawrenceville was the site of a location shoot!  Turned over cars, lots of smoke and a battle scene were filmed over 4 days.  Traffic was a little backed up, but not bad.  Of course our favorite restaurant was packed at 10pm one of the nights when we went there.  But it was fun to have our hometown host the shoot!

Live Long and Prosper!


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  • Rick Newton says:

    Please pass on to Bill my deepest sympathy on the loss of his companion.
    Indeed this is the loss of a member of his family, and having experienced this type of loss (a couple of times in the last three years) I understand the pain this loss imparts.
    However, as time passes the mrmories that bring tears will become treasured memories and bring smiles of love.

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