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Captain’s Log – September 23rd, 2015

By September 24, 2015 Captain's Log

Photo courtesy of James Beltz

Well, today was the day we flew to Salt Lake City for Salt Lake Comic Con!  We got there about 3:00 and Axanar fan James Beltz met us at the convention center in order to help us set up our booth.  It was pretty easy, as we have it down to a science.  Pop up signs, table drapes, hanging banners, we have it all down.

Now Salt Lake Comic Con is already, in its 3rd year, the 3rd biggest Comic Con in the country (behind San Diego and NY).  So this will eclipse even Wonder Con, which we have done the past two years, as the biggest con we have ever done.  We have a Panel and a great 10′ x 20′ booth.  We should get some good exposure, and we have two potential cast members we hope to meet.  (No details, that would be telling).

So here are the details:

Booth # 3331

Panel is Thursday, September 24th at 7:00 in Room 250A


Photo courtesy of James Beltz

We hope to see you there!



Please come visit us if in the Salt Lake area!


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  • Doug says:

    That’s an impressive booth! You people are doing an amazing job. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Edward Cox says:

    Where is the big screen LCD to play the videos? Renta Center….

    • David Hatch says:

      We had a 42″ TV brought by another volunteer. It was great and we got to meet with a lot of people most of whom hadn’t heard of Axanar, but once they did they became instant fans.

  • Ian says:

    loved Prelude to Axanar, showed my parents what a star trek movie should be (they loved it too). We are all now looking forward to the full movie 🙂

  • brian333 says:

    How can I acquire that Ares plan you have on the tripod? A wall poster would be nice, but a ‘centerfold’ size copy would serve if the poster size is not available.

  • John Edgeworth says:

    Have a great time, Recruit, Recruit, and Recruit.

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